Friday, May 18, 2012

11 Months

We are getting closer and closer to the big "1" birthday and I can't believe it.  Time really has gone by so fast.  This past month has been adventurous as all of them have been.  I have to say each month gets better and better. 

What's New:  We are bottle free and completely using sippy cups!  This was a struggle at first because he was only use to drinking water out of one since 6 months.  After purchasing many different kinds of cups, we found one that worked!  I have to say when he gets really tired and is hungry, he still sometimes pushes it away.  He is also standing by himself.  Once he notices he's all alone, he usually falls down or reaches for us.  When crawling he will stop and stand up on his knees.  It's so cute because he will just start babbling away and pointing at things.  When I say pointing, I mean the whole hand straight out not just one finger! We have also stopped putting the vacuum noise sound on for him to fall asleep.  I just decided to stop it one day and he fell asleep with out it.  This is a big deal since we have used this noise to get him asleep since he was two weeks old!  Now to just get rid of the pacifier.  Another new this is he can turn off lights using the light switch.  This is sometimes our entertainment is going around to all the lights that are on and turning them off.  I thought this was something he could just do and apparently him and Jason have been working on it.  Oh and how could I forget that he now has two top teeth!  Thank goodness he wasn't that fussy when they were coming in.  One day I noticed one coming in and about a week later the next one came in.  This also makes eating a little easier!
 Interests:  Food, the kid is loving to eat especially since he can have a lot of the same things I eat and he would prefer eating my meal instead of his own.  He loves playing peek a boo.  We crawl around the house hiding and he comes and finds us.  We can do this for awhile and he just loves it.  He has also learned to pull the curtains over him (hiding) and then move them so we can see him and just laughs.  It's so fun to see him play.  Playing peek a boo always gets him in a good mood, especialy if he's tired or getting annoyed for example when we are dressing him.

Food: He is loving all the finger foods we give him.  I am still avoiding a lot of dairy, all things with eggs, and wheat products because of his allergies.  I don't see any symptoms with any of these but just want to be cautious.  He loves potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, meat, chicken, applesauce, cheerios, green beans, peas, ranch style beans, french fries (given in moderation) and I am sure there are others.  His sitter gave him some snap peas that to me taste like green beans and he enjoys those for a snack.  While Jason and I were at Babies R Us we can across veggie staws that totally taste like french fries.  Drew also gets excited when he sees these come out for snack.

Sleep:  His current bed time is around 7:30 to 8pm and he wakes up between 7:30 to 8am.  He takes two naps.  One is usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours while the other is around 1 hour.  He did have his first night terror I think this month.  He started screaming crying one night.  Jason went in there and said his body was totally stiff and still asleep.  Jason calmed him down, which I read later that you are suppose to just leave them alone, and the poor guy went back to sleep. 

Sizes: He is wearing 6-9 months as well as 12 months clothes.  He is still in a size 3 diaper.

What I Love: I love how he can play by himself for awhile and enjoy every minute of it.  I love how when I pick him up from church, sitter, ect. he's happy to see me and usually gives me multiple kisses.  I love how I can just lay him down and he plays in his bed until he falls asleep.  I love how his personality is starting to show more and more each day.  He is so fun to be around and makes my day by just a simple smile.  I always catch myself just smiling watching him.