Sunday, November 18, 2012

Family Thanksgiving Round 1

Yesterday we hosted Jason's side of the family for Thanksgiving.  It was a whirlwind trying to get everything prepared and ready by the time dinner needed to be ready before Baylor started playing football.  Most of Jason's family LOVE Baylor so of course that was a planned part of the night. 

We did some rearranging of our dining room to fit all 17 people in one area.  I actually liked having us all together eating instead of spread out all over the house. 


Jason's sweet Aunt Phoebe brought candles and everybody sang to Ryan (Jason's cousin) and I "Happy Birthday".  Ryan's birthday was actually yesterday (the day we all got together) and mine is Friday (Black Friday). 


Of course after dinner and tons of yummy desserts everybody gathered in the living room to watch Baylor win!

The kids played the entire time in the game room.  They all got along and enjoyed themselves.  Drew had the time of his life playing with his cousins.  He was wound up until we finally put him down at 9. 

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Operation Christmas Child

Drew and I went shopping today for our Christmas child.  I use to do this when I was a kid at my church and now I am letting Drew shop for a kid.  We chose a 2-4 year old boy since that was the closest age range to him.  Boy did he love holding all the fun things we picked out for our little boy.  After shopping a little before lunch and nap time and then heading back up to finish filling up what little space we had left after nap this is what we ended up with.

Our little one is getting a blanket,toy tools, toy school bus, sippy cup, colorful band aides, toothbrush and toothpaste packet that comes with stickers, beach ball, sticker book with crayons, 4 packs of gum, 3 pairs of spider man socks, chap stick, comb, tennis ball and plastic golf ball (added after the picture).

One of the church members gave me the great idea of getting a plastic Tupperware box for them to reuse instead of a shoebox.  I had pinned a link on Pinterest about what to get a child for their shoe box and looked there for great ideas.  I also used some of my own thoughts as to what Drew and his friends like to play with.  I wish I could fit so much more in the box.  I had a hard time trying to fit what we did buy in there.  Next year we might buy a little bit bigger Tupperware box! 

Here is the box all packed up and ready to go!

 Drew enjoyed looking in it and seeing what his Christmas child would be receiving.

Merry Christmas to a sweet little boy we will never meet!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweet little note

Today at my mom's group Bible study, Drew came home with this sweet little note from his teachers. 

So sweet!  I love seeing what other people think of my sweet little one.  I hope they were being honest and not just nice because they knew I was going to read it :).  I do agree with the politeness as he likes to share and let others have toys (usually).  Jason and I worked the babies in Worship Care this past Sunday and they brought Drew in there because he was the only one in his class.  He kept wanting to hand all the babies toys and didn't understand why they wouldn't grab it from him.  He was getting a little frustrated because they wouldn't take the fun toy.  Now try explaining that to a soont o be 17month old!

Happy Monday Everbody!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Drew's Halloween Party

Drew had his 2nd Halloween party this year (it's going to be a tradition but he doesn't know that yet or care for that matter).  We had a better turn out this year, last year's was a last minute thing.  Anyways, he has some cute little friends show up and play for a little bit.  Here is some pics for the event.

 Drew the fisherman waiting for his friends to come.

 Ghost and mummy drinks for all.
 Witches Brooms!
Cheese stick ghost!

Here are some action photos. 
 Fisherman Drew and T Rex Caleb playing blocks
 Bumble Bee Brooklyn
 Little Indian Aubrey (her momma made this outfit, ADORABLE!)

A few attempts of getting a happy pictures of the kids.  I didn't get a good picture of Dino Robert but he's in the group picture as just Robert!
Below are some pictures from last year!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall is Here

This weekend we met one of my grandmother's at a cute little pumpkin patch in Rockwall.  I saw a Groupon for it and wanted to try it out.  The Groupon included feed for the animals, a hay ride, and a hot dog.  Not bad!  The weather was a bit on the chilly side but that didn't bother Drew AT ALL.  When we first got there we tried to take pictures of Drew with some pumpkins. 

It was a much harder task then last year. He was on the move and had a mission to get some where.  No doubt he was a happy kid in the process but just didn't want to be still.  He wanted to check everything out, like always.  Once we walked in, we decided to head over to the animals, which was Drew's highlight of the whole trip.  He loved petting, feeding, and just running by them.  I spent my of the time chasing him around and apologizing for him cutting people off to see the animals.

 We then went and played in the miniature hay maze (perfect size for Drew) and looked at the pumpkins.

Drew was still on the go and kept heading back to the animals.  We decided to head over to the hay ride. 


I would say we had a great time and can't wait to go back next year! 
Here is Drew last year and this year.  I would say he has grown a little and looks a little different. 

Happy Fall Y'all!

Monday, September 24, 2012

15 Months

Drew is 15 months and on the go.  He makes every day enjoyable in some way.  He's always laughing and wanting you to chase him around the house.  I love his random happy noises.

What's New: Words, the kid is talking more and more every day.  He watches my lips when I ask him to say something and then usually tries to repeat it.  He can currently say Bye, Bye - Night, Night - Mama - Dada - Cracker - Quack, Quack (for his ducks) - Baby - Puppy - Outside.  He has repeated cheese and fish but those aren't words he uses all the time.  He can also tell you where his belly button is and sometimes his nose.  He's starting to become interested in using a spoon at dinner but would rather just grap the food and eat.  He's walking and sometimes running everywhere. 

Interests:  He loves puppy dogs.  Everytime we see one in a book, walking around the neighborhood, a stuffed animal, or Sutton, our la,b he gets so excited.  He would rather spend the entire day outside then anywhere else.  He goes to the door daily to go outside and gets upset if we bring him in.  It could be 110 degrees outside and the kid is still happy.  When the weather dropped this past weekend, he was outside playing with the water and water hose.  CRAZY!  He also enjoys playing with balls.  He has a large basket filled with all sizes and he goes straight to the basket when we are in the game room and pulls one out to throw around.  Drew's last major interest is books.  He loves the Little People Flip Books right now.  He will sit in his room and just look through books and talk and point to words.  I had a teacher tell me this summer that I have done my job getting him to enjoy books.  I don't know how much I did and this is something I hope he doesn't grow out of.  I love seeing him pick up a book and act like he's reading it.

Food:  He's just about tried everything we eat and if not he wants to.  His favorite foods are bananas, sweet potatoes, pasta of any kind, corn, rice, peas, green beans, blue berries, cucumber, cheese, and crackers. 

Sleep:  Drew's bedtime is around 7 or 7:30 and wakes up around 7:30 or 8.  I love the days he goes to 9am.  I feel like a new person when he does that.  That extra hour makes a world of difference.  He usually takes a nap around 12:30 for 2 to 3 hours.  I have noticed he's happier when he actually takes a 3 hour nap.

Sizes:  He is still wearing 12 month clothes but I have put him in some of his 18 month clothes and they fit.  He is still in a size 3 diaper.

What I love:  I love how he can play on his own and then stop and come give me the sweetest hug and then go back and play.  I love how he loves giving hugs in general.  I love how I walk in the room and he says "Mama".  I love how I can give him small commands and he knows just what to do.  I love how happy he is (most of the time) and makes my days a lot more fun.  I have found my self laughing at loud at something his has done and he turns around and laughs at loud.  We have so much fun together and I love how he's my little buddy.