Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vacation Time

At the end of July we went on a family vacation with my family to Branson.  We stayed in a condo right outside of Branson.

The first night we got there and went to eat at their local Bass Pro's restaurant.  It was on the water and just a nice setting to be in.  The next morning we woke up and went to ride the Branson train.  I knew Drew would like this and he was so excited once we got there.  My parents bought him a cute hat for the ride.  We rode in to Arkansas and back.  It was a pretty route.

After the train ride we walked up to the main street area and had lunch.  After that we visited some shops on the street and then it was nap time!

After nap time we hung out around the condo and cooked dinner there.  We then all went to "The Price is Right".  My dad offered to stay back and hang out with Drew and then put him down so Jason and I could both go.  I have to admit I was nervous about being a contestant and thankful that I didn't get picked.  None of us did but it was a neat experience.



Wednesday morning Jason went golfing on the property.  Drew and I went swimming with my sister.  He loves the pool and keeping up with him was a task.  We also got to catch Jason golfing and Drew had fun in the golf cart.

That night we drove into Springfield to the main Bass Pro.  Drew really enjoyed this place and I am sure just like his daddy could have stayed there all day.  On the way back we stopped at "Lamberts" right outside of Springfield to eat.  My dad had heard many great things about it so we decided to try it.  We are all glad we did.  That was the neatest dining experience I've had.  Drew loved it.  If you want a role, they throw it at you.  Once we got our rolls we shared them with Drew.  Well, he thought you were suppose to throw them like they had been thrown to us so he threw his roll to everybody at the table.  It was fun and everybody enjoyed the good home cookin!


Thursday morning the guys got up and went on a guided fishing trip.  Jason had never been on one and I know he remembers his dad going on one when he came when he was little.   This time he got to go.  He caught many fish!  We went into town to a cute little shopping center and looked around and did some shopping of course!

The girls went swimming and once they got back we cooked hamburgers by the pool.  We ate lunch after swimming and then off to take a nap!


That evening we went to eat on the water and then watched a water show.  Drew enjoyed that and it was a fun thing to do with the family.

Friday morning we headed out to Big Cedar Lodge for breakfast.  That place is beautiful.  They had a mini beach area that we had planned on staying a playing at but it started raining.  So we just drove around the property. 

We met my parents back in town and said our goodbye's.  We stayed until after nap but they headed back.  After lunch we headed home.  Our intention was to stop half way but we just drove all the way home and Drew slept in the car.  That's a first, but I am sure he was tired from the long, fun, crazy week.  He was a great traveler and hardly any tears.  I think we have a road tripper on our hands and that makes this momma happy!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sea World Round 2

After July 4th we decided to head down to San Antonio to visit Jason's grandmother for a long weekend and head to Sea World again.  This time we got to do all the shows we didn't get to the first trip and a new one about pets.

First stop was the penguins...

We then headed to the new pet show and Drew enjoyed watching the animals do some fun tricks.

After that we grabbed some lunch and then headed to see the boat and ski show.  This was pushing it into nap time, so we left soon after and headed back for a nap.  After Drew woke up, we headed out to see Elmo Rocks!  We couldn't make this show last time and I am so glad we could this time.  Drew loved it.

We then grabbed dinner and went to see Shamu Rocks.  We didn't get any pictures but it was as always a great show!  We love Shamu!  We are hoping to go back during Christmas to see all their Christmas shows and decorations.