Monday, June 30, 2014

~Pool Time~

My parents got Drew a pool for his birthday and with the weather being the way it has been (raining every day) we haven't had a chance to get it out.  Well we got it out today and put little Camden in it.  He was okay until big brother sprayed the water hose in his face.  Once he started feeling the water in his little seat...he was done!  It was fun while it lasted :)

4 Months Old!

Camden turned four months old yesterday and is starting to form a little personality.  He is very laid back and easy going for the most part.  Loves to smile and giggle.  Loves watching his brother play and can just and laugh at him all day.  He went to his first VBS last week.  He has had a few firsts this month including laughing and rolling over!

Four Month Check Up
Weight: 16.7 lbs
Height: 25.5 in.

First time to roll over from tummy to back

We had a few three month pics taken and didn't get to show those off! 


Happy Four Months to our sweet, happy, easy going Camden!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Drew is three!

Our sweet, sensitive, caring, energetic, fun, loving little boy turned three!  It was also the first day of VBS so we waited to give his gift from us until he got home for church.  We turned the corner to our street and it was sitting outside waiting for him.  He was so excited and couldn't wait to get out of the car to see his new gift. 

We had his birthday party and a café in a nearby town that is located at a private airport.  The airplanes land and take off right outside the café.  The kids really enjoyed watching the planes come and go.  I was so worried about how to entertain the kids during the party and they just enjoyed playing outside and watching the planes.  I did have little wooden planes for them to paint and of course yummy food!

Happy Birthday Drew! 

Last Day of Preschool

Today is Drew's last day of preschool and boy has he loved going.  He has made some sweet friends and loves every teacher there (and knows them by name too).  He has made some sweet memories this year and we are very blessed for the teachers and friends that were put in his life. 

First Day

Halloween Party and Parade
Thanksgiving Program and Feast
Christmas Party
End of the year program and celebration

Last Day
Surprise when he got home!  Just a few fun toys to kick off his first day of summer!