Monday, October 24, 2011

Rice Cereal

We were given the go ahead to start Rice Cereal last week at Drew's doctors appointment.  I wanted to wait until Jason was hope to help and with my crazy work schedule last week, we started on Saturday.  Drew did great, just a few funny faces.  Here are some pictures below to show how it all went down.



He kept leaning towards the spoon.

Almost done

2nd night dad fed him

 Overall he seems to enjoy it. It's all a learning process.  He also sleeps a lot better since he started Rice Cereal which I have heard is normal.  He has been waking up at 7:15 but Sunday morning it was 8:30.

I had to add to this picture.  I laid him down last night and he propped his arms under him and looked up at his glow worm and just started talking to it.  I left the room laughing and had Jason come in and take a picture.  It's blurry because we had no flash on.  Too cute!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy 4 months!

Happy Four Months!

 Drew is 4 months old and growing!  I am happy to report that he did so good this time with his shots.  He did cry when he was actually getting the shots but after that he was fine.  We even went to Target and Jason's football game.  He felt much better then last time.  The doctor said he looked healthy and great.  She did say he had eczema and that we needed to change his lotions and bath products to Aveeno.  We also have to wash our clothes in dye free/scent free detergent because his skin is so sensitive.  She said he could begin eating rice cereal and slowly move to other foods.  This we will try Wednesday when Jason is home to help!  Drew has cradle cap and it hasn't improved.  In fact he scratches it when he sleeps.  I feel so bad and I keep asking what to do.  Yesterday she said to put hydrocortozone on his head daily and wash his hair in Selson Blue (which we started already) twice a week.  Hence the reason we went to Target to buy all the new things Drew needed.

Weights - 15.3 lbs
Heights - 24.5in
Head 15.8 in.

Interest - Hands, hands, hands.  It was hard for me to take his picture because he hands were in his mouth the whole time.  He is clasping them and holding them in front of him.  He still loves his jumperoo.  I also got him a vibrating elephant that crawls towards him.  He loves it and we take it everywhere.  He also loves a little blanket that one of Jason's good friends gave him and we let him hold on to that in the car and it keeps him calm.  Another fun thing we have added to the mix is his Johnny Jump Up.  We have hung it in our bathroom so when we are getting ready he can bounce.  Half the time he just sits in it and talks.

You can barely see the little elephant crawling towards him.

Just hanging out, ready for me to be done getting ready!
Sleep-Great!  Still sleeping through the night.  He did wake up a few times last week but the doctors said it was probably a growth spurt and since he's so young and has been sleeping through the night, he will have nights where he wakes up.  

Eat: - Just milk but we are about to try rice cereal!

Sizes- He is slowly but surely growing out of his 0-3 month clothes.  He is in 3-6 month pajamas and 3-6 month plants.  There are some 0-3 month things that he can still fit in, it just depends on the designer.

What I love - I love how he smiles at anybody and sometimes gets a little bashful.  I love how he wraps his arms around my neck when I'm holding him.  I love his little chuckle.  I love how he follows us around the room watching and observing.  I love the serious looks on his face.  I love when he's eating, he stops and smiles really big and then keeps eating.  I love how he babbles on and on and I feel like we are carry on a conversation in baby talk!   I love how when I come home from being gone, he gives me a big smile.  I love how cute he is and how he melts my heart every time I see him. 

When I was taking his pictures he decided to just lean back and relax...

Then he realized he could twist and started playing around. 

We love you Drew!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


There are few changes going on around here and some still to come...maybe.

The first MAJOR change is Drew's nanny.  His current nanny can no longer keep him due to health reasons.  She kindly gave us until the end of October to find somebody else.  We got right on the search and found somebody with a lot of experience and just wants to make some extra money.  She is coming by tomorrow to see Drew's schedule and how we do things around here.  Pray it goes well.  She will start full time Thursday.  We are all excited about this change and pray that things go smoothly with Drew.  He seems to adjust well with others when I drop him off at church but you never know.

Since I have been home, I have started looking at our bills.  Egh, bills.  I wish we didn't have any or could win the lottery and not have to worry about it.  You have to play the lottery to win it and that's something we rarely do.  My first bill to attack with the TV and Internet.  We paid way to much for both.  I immediately called every provider that serviced our area and cut our bill in half!  Jason was proud of me for taking the time to do such a thing.  My next bill to attack is the cell phone.  I will keep you up to date on how that goes.

Another change is Sutton.  He's our 100 lb lab and has been living in the house since the spring.  I just felt sorry for him when it was getting hot.  He's always been an outside dog but we started letting him in at night to be with us.  I thought he was lonely.  Then it turned into him just staying inside all the time to play with our yorkie.  Well since Drew's here, I've noticed Sutton's hair more.  It's everywhere and I am tired of constantly having to vacuum because of him.  It's seems like I vacuum daily.  I have deep cleaned the house, baseboards and all.  I told Jason last night that Sutton needs to start staying outside again secretly hoping Jason would start the trend and not me.  I'm such a softy.  This morning I let the dogs out and Jason only let Sadie (our yorkie) back in.  Yay!  So, now Sutton is outside and Sadie visits him frequently!

Sutton's first day back outside

Another change I have been thinking about for a week now is redecorating my fireplace mantle.  I just did this right before Drew was born, you know the whole nesting process.  Well, I'm bored with it and have a few ideas.  We have a HUGE mirror that we have saved from when Jason's mom past away.  I have always visioned it on the wall in our entry way over a nice entry table.  Well Jason and I have looked and looked and every thing I love is ridiculously expensive and out of our budget.  The table has to be so long and so skinny to go in our entry.  Not happening, at least not now we have a little one to spend our money on.  So, I'm thinking of putting the mirror on the mantle and a picture frame with a saying I love over the current entry table we have.  When we have time, notice I said when, we are going to try it and see.  The picture below is my current mantle look with the fall decor I've added.

The picture is a little off angle because I was trying not to step on the little one's toys.  :)

Since you've seen some of my fall decor, I'll go ahead and show you the rest.  I'm still working on some areas but all in time (what's that) I'll get to it.

This is my entry way that I'm wanting to add the picture frame instead of new table and mirror.

Notice the layering - thank you Pintrest

I saw something similar on Pintrest with the candles and leaves so, I grabbed what I had a there you go!

I need to add some pumpkins!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Drew's First Night Away (with mommy)

Jason had a planned hunting trip and we had asked my mom to come and stay with Drew and I while Jason hunted.  Unexpectedly Drew's nanny got sick on Wednesday and couldn't keep Drew Thursday and Friday.  I called my mom to see if she could come watch Drew and she of course said YES!  Since she came and stayed at our house for two days, I thought it would be selfish of me to ask her to stay for the weekend when they have all the things for Drew and I at their house (a crib, toys, good food, and much love to share).  Drew, Sadie (the yorkie) and I packed up and headed to Forney Saturday morning.  We spent Saturday night there and came home late Sunday afternoon.  We had fun and Drew enjoyed every minute of all the attention he was getting.  He didn't sleep the best in his crib there but after some practice he will get that down.  Here are some pictures from our first adventure away from home. 

Drew was waking up but he was sleeping on the same sheets I slept on when I was a baby.