Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey World Here I Am

Camden Lee Cate
7lbs 10oz
20 3/4 inches long
It all started around 11pm at night when my water broke at home.  The doctor told us to go in.  We called my mom to come watch Drew and stay with him that night.  We headed to the hospital and got there around 12am.  They verified my water had broken and I was having the baby soon.  Mixed emotions filled the room as it was all happening so fast.  I didn't really have contractions at that time but they soon came.  I called for an epidural which is a story in itself and by 4am I was pain free.  The nurse let us sleep from 4-6:30 and then came in and told me it was time to have a baby.  They called for the doctor and soon after she arrived so did Camden.  God is good and for the most part everything fell into place and went smoothly. 

Soon after my mom showed up after dropping Drew off at a friends house to play.  My mom got to enjoy some one on one time with Camden.  Once we were moved into my postpartum room, she left to get Drew and lunch.  Drew arrived and was ready to meet his baby brother that we have been talking about for awhile now.  His first thing he asked for was to see his feet.  Strange and not sure why but he got to see his feet.

Soon after there were lots of hugs, kisses, and attempted high fives given to Camden from Drew.  He was so excited and really didn't want anybody else to hold him.  When he was laying down Drew would climb in a chair to be able to look into his bed so he could just watch him.  This made my heart happy and reassured me that he was going to be a great, protective big brother.   We asked if he liked the baby and he told us that he was not a baby it was his brother.  :)

We had a few visitors come by and meet Camden.  We were also told we could go home that next day - Saturday.  We took it easy the next morning and staff was in and out testing Camden for everything they need to test for before releasing him.  He passed all his tests and we were able to leave around 5pm.  My mom brought Drew up the the hospital for us all to leave as a new family of four.

Once we got in the car Drew immediately tried to give Camden a tractor to hold and play with like he always does.  I told him that he is not old enough to play with or hold toys yet that he is just going to have to show them to him.  He simply said okay and held the tractor until we got home.  We made it home and are now happily a family of four with two handsome little boys.
 The Cate Family
Jason, April, Drew, & Camden

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Camden's Room

Many of you have asked if Camden's room is ready and what it looks like.  It has been ready and waiting on him!  Thanks to a wonderful daddy who made many things to make this little boys room perfect.  We decided to go with a transportation theme focusing on cars and trucks.  I found the perfect bedding on etsy and then a friend of mine told me where the fabric was locally too.  I grabbed some extra fabric to have a blanket and pillow made.

I love the how the sign above the crib came out.  You will also see a matching blanket that my Mimi made and barely peeking above the railing is a pillow she also made with Camden's name on it to go with his bedding.

Another fun piece is the window coverings with license plates.  These are actually from states that Jason has visited and collected throughout the years.  My sister found the Route 66 sign at an antique store and grabbed it for the room.

Jason made this books shelf, which I LOVE!  I found it on Land of Nod but that one was wider, not the color I wanted, and cost four times as much as this one.   The cars above Camden's closet doors were given to us by my Aunt Carol.  She ran across them and thought they would be perfect for Camden's room and they are!

I came across this truck book shelf for $5 and it was brand new.  Another lady purchased it for her son and never used it.  Jason painted it to match the room colors.  Below the bookshelf are three hooks that Jason made.  Drew and I picked out the truck, car, and motorcycle to go on the hooks and Jason painted them to match everything. 

Showers of blessings

We had back to back weekends of showers for Camden. 

My first shower was a family and friends shower at my parents house hosted by two of my aunts and my sister.  The theme was transportation and the decorations fit perfectly.  It was great to see many family members and friends come together and celebrate our new little man who will be here soon.  We got many necessities to get us started raising number two.

My sister, me, and my Aunt Carol

Two weekends ago some sweet friends from my Sunday School class hosted a shower for me.  It was perfect and of course Camden got a few more new things that we needed to get us well on our way.  Jason and I are very blessed by our church and love our Sunday School class.  We have made so many friends and created friendships that will last a lifetime no matter where life leads any of us in the future. 
April, me, Amanda, and Lindsey

I also got together with some of my close friends to enjoy one last night out before Camden comes.  These sweet girls are such a blessing to me in so many ways.  I love each and every one of them in different ways and know they would be there for me whenever I need it.  I love seeing our kids grow up together and Drew asks for at least one of their kids daily to go see and play with.  He loves praying for his friends and we do too.  We are blessed!

Now we just wait on God's timing to meet our little man.  We are anxiously waiting and can't wait to see what he looks like, his personality, and see Drew's reaction to him.  Drew is going to be a great big brother and tells me how they are going to go fishing, Ranger's games, and hunting with daddy.   :)