Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Camden's Room

Many of you have asked if Camden's room is ready and what it looks like.  It has been ready and waiting on him!  Thanks to a wonderful daddy who made many things to make this little boys room perfect.  We decided to go with a transportation theme focusing on cars and trucks.  I found the perfect bedding on etsy and then a friend of mine told me where the fabric was locally too.  I grabbed some extra fabric to have a blanket and pillow made.

I love the how the sign above the crib came out.  You will also see a matching blanket that my Mimi made and barely peeking above the railing is a pillow she also made with Camden's name on it to go with his bedding.

Another fun piece is the window coverings with license plates.  These are actually from states that Jason has visited and collected throughout the years.  My sister found the Route 66 sign at an antique store and grabbed it for the room.

Jason made this books shelf, which I LOVE!  I found it on Land of Nod but that one was wider, not the color I wanted, and cost four times as much as this one.   The cars above Camden's closet doors were given to us by my Aunt Carol.  She ran across them and thought they would be perfect for Camden's room and they are!

I came across this truck book shelf for $5 and it was brand new.  Another lady purchased it for her son and never used it.  Jason painted it to match the room colors.  Below the bookshelf are three hooks that Jason made.  Drew and I picked out the truck, car, and motorcycle to go on the hooks and Jason painted them to match everything. 

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