Friday, March 21, 2014

One Month

It's already been a month since Camden was born.  In one way it seems like there is no way and then another, I can tell you it has been a month (four weeks) :) adjusting to less hours of sleep. 

He has fit right in to our family perfectly.  He has an older brother that lights up every time he sees him and wants to be around him 24/7.  There are some challenges at times getting two kids ready, happy, and out the door...just to go to the park.  We know it's all worth it and in the end we will laugh at how stressed we were at times but these precious boys make our day daily.

Here's a snapshot of some of Camden's firsts...
First Sponge Bath at Home
Camden and Drew after their first sponge baths
First time on play mat (big brother Drew reading to Camden)

Meeting Sutton

Playing with brother
First big boy bath



We can't wait to see what new things you learn this coming month!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break

The past few years for Spring Break we have headed to San Antonio to spend time with Jason's grandmother.  This year, having a two week old, we decided to stay here.  Here is how our week went.

Sunday: - We took our first long (1 hour) trip to GiGi and Pop Pop's house to spend the afternoon and pick up Drew who spent the weekend with them.
Camden's first trip to Gigi and Pop Pop's house

Monday: - First major family outing with all four to Southlake Town Square.  We ran into some sweet friends at lunch so we enjoyed lunch with them, made a few stops at some of the shops, and of course we had to stop and play at one of the water fountains (always a must).

Tuesday: - We were bums and just took it easy around the house and Auntie came over to spend Wednesday with us!

Wednesday: - We headed to Grapevine Mills for lunch, carousal ride, stopped in build a bear, and then headed home for nap time.  After nap we headed back to go to SeaLife Aquarium when the crowd left (it was crazy in the morning).

Carousal Ride

Build a Bear (Drew picked a dog and named it "Super Dog"

Daddy and Drew

Camden and Drew

Mommy and Drew

Thursday: - We headed to our church to play and see Drew's sitter who was also up there with another kid from his preschool class.

Friday: - We rested and just enjoyed being home.

Saturday: - We did a few things around the house and then played in the rain!

Sunday: - Drew was sad that there wasn't anymore rain.  :)

We hope everybody had a great Spring Break (those who had one).  We really enjoyed having daddy around to help out and there were many naps taken by mommy and daddy in shifts throughout the week.