Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break

Jason, Drew, and I started Spring Break off with a short trip to San Antonio to visit Jason's grandmother.  We headed out after church Sunday thinking Drew would be really tired from the nursery.  WRONG!  He slept maybe 2 hours and held out until the 3 hour mark before he just couldn't take it anymore.  We pulled over in Georgetown to get gas an I found a park just up the street.  We decided to get Drew out and play on the swings and just stretch his legs. 

He was miserable for the next 2 hours but right as we pulled into San Antonio he fell back asleep.  Once we arrived he was up and happy to see his Great Grandmother.  That night she took us to her local favorite Mexican restaurant. 


The next day we planned on eating lunch at a Cafe that her church runs.  All the money goes towards their Missions fund.  After eating there she walked us across the street to show off Drew to her pastor.  He graciously stopped what he was doing to come say hello.

We then decided to head to the Zoo.  What were we thinking with it being everybody's Spring Break.  We decided to head towards Fredricksburg to do a little shopping. 

The next day (Tuesday) we headed towards the zoo early. We beat most of the crowd and only stayed for a few hours. Drew enjoyed seeing the fish upclose and watching all the animals. I will have to say at some points he was just watching others then the animals that we were there to see!



Wednesday morning we headed back stopping at Chick fil A for Drew to play a little.  The travel home was much better!

The next two days we planned on completely redoing our flower beds.  This was a much needed process and a large task as well.  Jason was a trooper and did an amazing job.  I know it wore him out but it now looks so much better.  We still have a few more things to do but overall it looks so much better! 

Saturday we had planned on a small get together with our close friends.  We do this every now and then but it seems like forever (Christmas) since have actually planned something.  It turned out to be a nice day for us to sit out back and talk and some of the guys watched basetball in side.  Jason cooked out and I think everybody had a good time.

Monday, March 19, 2012

9 months


This past month as been very interesting.  Drew is such a busy body.  We  also took his longest road trip yet to San Antonio to visit his great grandmother.  I can't believe in only 3 more months we will be celebrating his first birthday.  It's fun to think about but also sad how quickly time has flown by.

What's New:  Drew loves to pull up on anything and walk around our coffee table and ottoman.  We have seen him "bear" crawling more.  He will crawl with straight arms and legs to get somewhere.  He also walks with his walking toy.  He will push it along and laugh.  I'm not saying his walking is perfected while doing this but he gets places!  We love to blow on his belly and make noises.  I like to do this while dressing him for the day or after I have changed his diaper.  Drew has figured out how to do this too and loves to blow on my face or arm.  He loves to give tons of kisses.  I am working on saying "give me a kiss" and he will kiss me.  We are also working on saying "bye bye" and waving.  This happens sometimes but not every time.  He usually does a few minutes after I ask him to.  Jason and Drew are working on give a high five.  Drew does it sometimes and just smiles.  He will get there.  I told him his friend Caleb can do it but Caleb is 2.  Big difference!  He does say dada, mama, and byebye.  Sometimes randomly and sometimes at the appropriate time.  He also says momo and I think that means more when he's eating.  Jason calls Drew Popeye because of his silly noises.  Jason will make a noise like Popeye did and Drew will do it back and laugh.  It's so cute.  He is also trying to stand alone.  He can do it for 1 to seconds and then grabs back on to whatever he was attached to or falls.  This is kind of scary to me because I'm afraid he's going to hurt himself.  I have also noticed that as daring as the kid may seem, he always seems to be careful or check himself before he falls.  I know this won't always be the case but just something I have noticed.

Interests: Everything!  Anything he can get his hands on and put in his mouth.  This isn't always ok, especially when it's grass or dirt.  He loves to crawl around the house and is usually heading towards the dog bowls to play and laughing the entire time.  He loves to pull up everywhere he can.  His favorite things to play with currently are anything from the kitchen, balls, and anything to do with dogs.  He loves Sutton our lab. Thankfully Sutton let's him play on him but I can tell the poor dog gets annoyed at times.  He likes to smash his face against the glass and blow.  We have glass on our entertainment center where he pulls up and smashes his face to it.  I was told one day that he did this at church to the window where he was suppose to be sleeping.  He pulled up and played instead. 

Food:  He has tried a lot of new things this month.  I think we have covered a lot of the fruits and vegetables.  The kid likes more things then we do.  He loves turkey and chicken.  He also enjoys self feeding himself which usually ends up in a big mess. I think he wants to try chocolate and Dr. Pepper but that's not for awhile.  He also has a snack daily which is something small but holds him over until dinner!

Sleep:  Nothing has really changed.  He usually goes to bed around 9 and is waking up at 7:30.  He takes two naps a day that range from 1 to 2.5 hours.  I have noticed if I let him sleep longer then 2.5 hours he doesn't sleep that well the same night. 

Sizes:  He is currently in 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  He has a few 12 month shorts that he can fit into but they are a little big. 

What I love:  I love his silly little noises.  When he is really having fun they get louder and louder like he is the only person around.  I love how happy he is pretty much all the time unless he's hungry or sleepy.  I love how he can play by himself and just sits and talks to himself while playing.  I love how simple and small things make him so happy and content.  I love how he plays so well with our lab and giggles when he's around him.  I love how he pulls up on the coffee table and hits it laughing and just enjoying life.  I love how we were  chosen to raise such a great child.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saying Goodbye

This week (March 15) we had to say goodbye to our sweet Sadie Mae.  I know that nobody ever wants to say goodbye to their pets but this one was extremely hard.  I have had dogs die before in my lifetime and none have bothered me like this one has.  Sadie was one of my first Christmas gifts when we were married.  She has been on many vacations and trips with me.  She ran errands with me.  She was the perfect dog for me and everything I ever wanted.  She cuddled with me when I laid down to watch TV or take a nap.  She has a bed beside me to sleep in when Jason would tell her to get off of our bed.  She has gone on many walks and even runs with me.  Yes, as small as she was she could keep up with me when I ran.  Every time Jason would let her out of her "room" when we got home, she would run to find me before she went out side.  I hate that Drew will never really know her.  I hate that her life was short lived and ended so horribly.

I am going to miss you so much Sadie Mae.  I love you and you will always have a special place in my heart.