Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break

Jason, Drew, and I started Spring Break off with a short trip to San Antonio to visit Jason's grandmother.  We headed out after church Sunday thinking Drew would be really tired from the nursery.  WRONG!  He slept maybe 2 hours and held out until the 3 hour mark before he just couldn't take it anymore.  We pulled over in Georgetown to get gas an I found a park just up the street.  We decided to get Drew out and play on the swings and just stretch his legs. 

He was miserable for the next 2 hours but right as we pulled into San Antonio he fell back asleep.  Once we arrived he was up and happy to see his Great Grandmother.  That night she took us to her local favorite Mexican restaurant. 


The next day we planned on eating lunch at a Cafe that her church runs.  All the money goes towards their Missions fund.  After eating there she walked us across the street to show off Drew to her pastor.  He graciously stopped what he was doing to come say hello.

We then decided to head to the Zoo.  What were we thinking with it being everybody's Spring Break.  We decided to head towards Fredricksburg to do a little shopping. 

The next day (Tuesday) we headed towards the zoo early. We beat most of the crowd and only stayed for a few hours. Drew enjoyed seeing the fish upclose and watching all the animals. I will have to say at some points he was just watching others then the animals that we were there to see!



Wednesday morning we headed back stopping at Chick fil A for Drew to play a little.  The travel home was much better!

The next two days we planned on completely redoing our flower beds.  This was a much needed process and a large task as well.  Jason was a trooper and did an amazing job.  I know it wore him out but it now looks so much better.  We still have a few more things to do but overall it looks so much better! 

Saturday we had planned on a small get together with our close friends.  We do this every now and then but it seems like forever (Christmas) since have actually planned something.  It turned out to be a nice day for us to sit out back and talk and some of the guys watched basetball in side.  Jason cooked out and I think everybody had a good time.

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