Sunday, June 17, 2012

12 Months

We made it!  We all survived a whole year!  Drew is 12 months old (1 year) and is on the go.  People ask if it has just flown by and my answer is yes and no.  I am excited for the new adventures ahead of us and can't wait to see what's to come in the next few months.  

What's New: Well the biggest thing this month was WALKING!  He has been standing on his own and kind of looking at the ground and to me I think he was thinking about it.  So, last Friday I held his hand and had him walk to me 3 or 4 times.  The next time I didn't hold his hand and he just did it.  That was the beginning of many steps for Drew.  This Thursday he actually stood up on his own with out holding on to any toy or something to keep his balance.  He knows he can't conquer the step up to our kitchen or down to the living room yet and just drops and starts crawling.  He is also completely done with bottles.  Last month I would give him one if he was really tired and pushed away the sippy cup but this month he didn't fight the sippy cup so no need to pull out his bottle. 

Interests:  Jason put in french doors over Memorial Day weekend and Drew loves watching Sutton through the window.  He will crawl over to the window, I will raise the blinds, and Drew just knocks on the glass until he sees Sutton.  He will just laugh and talk to him.  He's even tried to kiss him, which left wonderful markings on my glass windows.  We still play peek a boo a lot and chase each other around the pool table.  He also loves opening the cabinet doors.  We have one in the corner that he goes after every day.  He will pull out all the Tupperware and play with every piece.  He knows he's not suppose to be in the cabinet so he will look around to see if anybody is looking and if we "look away"  he then pulls things out. 

Food:  Besides fighting the allergies every now and then he is loving eating what we eat.  There are a few things he gets excited for when we get them out to eat...bananas, sweet potatoes, blueberries, corn, peas, and green beans.  He has had a few bites of ice cream and loves it.  We are cautious and don't give him much.  One because it's not good for him and the other is because of his allergies. 

Sleep:  Since the summer has started he has been sleeping from 7:30pm until 8am most days. I am loving this!  He takes two naps, a morning nap (usually 2 hours long) and an afternoon nap (usually 1 hour long). 

Sizes:  The kid can still fit into some 6-9 month clothes.  He does wear mostly 12 months.

What I Love:  I love how he still loves to give kisses.  I love how excited he gets when we walk into the room.  I love how he will go to anybody that wants to hold him and be content.  I think he would rather be down and moving around doing his own thing!  I love how the simplest things make him so happy.  I love his happy faces and even when he's sad, he's so stinkin' cute!  I love how I get to spend every day with him and make memories that will last a lifetime.  I love how God chose him for us. 

We love you Drew boy!  Happy 1st Birthday!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Drew!

Well today was a big day for our little boy.  Drew turned one and we celebrated with most of our family and close friends.  Drew had such a good time playing with his little friends and hanging out with family. 

Here is the set up...

3 Hole Mini Golf Course

Friends and family started to arrive and the first stop for the kids was the golf course.  Little did I know the adults would enjoy the course probably more then the little ones.  It was fun to watch everyone play on the mini course.

After everybody was pretty much done eating the "Club" sandwiches, "Chip" shots, "Par"-faits, Doughnut "Hole In Ones", "Sand traps" (rice crispy treats), Sweet "TEE" and Water from the "Watering Hole" we had Drew open all his wonderful presents. 

After enjoying all of his new presents it was time for the cake!  As soon as the cake was put on his highchair his slowly put his hand in the cake and eventually enjoyed the show of everybody watching him and taking pictures.  He went for a big bite but everybody started saying "oooooo" and he stopped.  I think the loud noise scared him so he kept slowing taking bites like he had before the big dive in attempt. 

  His friends grabbed a goodie bag on the way out.  We had play golf balls with personalized Tee's that said "Drew is One" for the kids and the adults were able to take one a personalized Tee. 

All in all I think Drew had a great time and so did our guests.  We loved having everybody over to enjoy this special day with us.  Thank you all for making this such a great day for our little boy!
Drew and his cousin Kenzie looking over all his gifts once everybody had left.


Food Label - Bleu Print Shoppe
Birthday Cake - Jennifer Gibson (Forney)
Party Favor Golf Balls - Oriental Trading
Personalized Golf Tee's - Golf Tee Gifts

I made Drew's bib, matching party hat, birthday banners, table runners, wreath and golf flags.
My sweet friend Lindsey made Drew's "Thank You" note to friends leaving.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

6 years and counting

Last weekend, Jason and I had our first mini getaway to the Gaylord for our Six Year Anniversary.  This is our go to place and I have to say I really enjoyed it this year.  I can tell you one thing, I feel a whole lot better then I did last year.  The Gaylord is where Jason proposed, we went to eat on our First Year Anniversary, we spent the night last year and went back to the same restaurant that we went to on ourFirst Anniversary, and then went back this year.  Last year, I was due with Drew in 17 days but little did I know that he would come in 13.  Last year, we honestly walked to the restaurant and walked back to the room.  My feet hurt and I was miserable.  Thankfully Jason had begged the front desk, after two phone calls, to get us a room facing the lake so we could see the fireworks.  That's about all I did last year because I was so uncomfortable with the little man inside :).  This year was different.  My sister came and watched Drew.  Jason and I arrived around dinner time.  He went and got my favorite meal from Animia's and brought it back.  After dinner, he got me a nice massage at the Spa.  The next morning we slept in (first time in 11.5 months for me) and headed home.  We waited for Drew to wake up and then took him back to the new swim park that they have.  They had this last year but I wasn't even going to think about getting in a swim suit and swimming.  This would be Drew's first time swimming in a big pool and he loved it.  I even dipped him under the water a few times and it didn't bother him.  He floated with us on the lazy river, went under the water sprays with daddy, and played in the little kids area.  Even though the kids area was small it was perfect for him and just one other kid.  He loved the mini sprays coming up from the ground.  He just played and talked to himself!  We enjoyed the park so much that we came back later that night to enjoy it one last time.  I have to say with the sun coming down it was a bit colder.  We didn't stay long that trip.  I do have to say, Drew slept in a little the next day from the exhaustion of having fun. 

1 year anniversary

Riding The Shuttle Bus To The Park

6 Year Anniversary

Riding The Trolley Back To The Car (I think Drew enjoyed this just as much as the pool!)