Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Drew!

Well today was a big day for our little boy.  Drew turned one and we celebrated with most of our family and close friends.  Drew had such a good time playing with his little friends and hanging out with family. 

Here is the set up...

3 Hole Mini Golf Course

Friends and family started to arrive and the first stop for the kids was the golf course.  Little did I know the adults would enjoy the course probably more then the little ones.  It was fun to watch everyone play on the mini course.

After everybody was pretty much done eating the "Club" sandwiches, "Chip" shots, "Par"-faits, Doughnut "Hole In Ones", "Sand traps" (rice crispy treats), Sweet "TEE" and Water from the "Watering Hole" we had Drew open all his wonderful presents. 

After enjoying all of his new presents it was time for the cake!  As soon as the cake was put on his highchair his slowly put his hand in the cake and eventually enjoyed the show of everybody watching him and taking pictures.  He went for a big bite but everybody started saying "oooooo" and he stopped.  I think the loud noise scared him so he kept slowing taking bites like he had before the big dive in attempt. 

  His friends grabbed a goodie bag on the way out.  We had play golf balls with personalized Tee's that said "Drew is One" for the kids and the adults were able to take one a personalized Tee. 

All in all I think Drew had a great time and so did our guests.  We loved having everybody over to enjoy this special day with us.  Thank you all for making this such a great day for our little boy!
Drew and his cousin Kenzie looking over all his gifts once everybody had left.


Food Label - Bleu Print Shoppe
Birthday Cake - Jennifer Gibson (Forney)
Party Favor Golf Balls - Oriental Trading
Personalized Golf Tee's - Golf Tee Gifts

I made Drew's bib, matching party hat, birthday banners, table runners, wreath and golf flags.
My sweet friend Lindsey made Drew's "Thank You" note to friends leaving.

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