Saturday, October 13, 2012

Drew's Halloween Party

Drew had his 2nd Halloween party this year (it's going to be a tradition but he doesn't know that yet or care for that matter).  We had a better turn out this year, last year's was a last minute thing.  Anyways, he has some cute little friends show up and play for a little bit.  Here is some pics for the event.

 Drew the fisherman waiting for his friends to come.

 Ghost and mummy drinks for all.
 Witches Brooms!
Cheese stick ghost!

Here are some action photos. 
 Fisherman Drew and T Rex Caleb playing blocks
 Bumble Bee Brooklyn
 Little Indian Aubrey (her momma made this outfit, ADORABLE!)

A few attempts of getting a happy pictures of the kids.  I didn't get a good picture of Dino Robert but he's in the group picture as just Robert!
Below are some pictures from last year!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall is Here

This weekend we met one of my grandmother's at a cute little pumpkin patch in Rockwall.  I saw a Groupon for it and wanted to try it out.  The Groupon included feed for the animals, a hay ride, and a hot dog.  Not bad!  The weather was a bit on the chilly side but that didn't bother Drew AT ALL.  When we first got there we tried to take pictures of Drew with some pumpkins. 

It was a much harder task then last year. He was on the move and had a mission to get some where.  No doubt he was a happy kid in the process but just didn't want to be still.  He wanted to check everything out, like always.  Once we walked in, we decided to head over to the animals, which was Drew's highlight of the whole trip.  He loved petting, feeding, and just running by them.  I spent my of the time chasing him around and apologizing for him cutting people off to see the animals.

 We then went and played in the miniature hay maze (perfect size for Drew) and looked at the pumpkins.

Drew was still on the go and kept heading back to the animals.  We decided to head over to the hay ride. 


I would say we had a great time and can't wait to go back next year! 
Here is Drew last year and this year.  I would say he has grown a little and looks a little different. 

Happy Fall Y'all!