Friday, July 29, 2011

Mr. Wiggle Worm

We have called Drew "Wiggle Worm" from Day one.  He would wiggle his way up Jason in the hospital while they both laid down.  It was kind of crazy to both of us to see him do such a thing.  Most of the time when we lay him down he wiggles for a few seconds before settling into the position he wants to be in.  At first I thought he wasn't asleep but then I realized he is just doing his thing "wiggling".  Tonight I went in to get him and he had wiggled his way from the bottom center of the crib to the top.  He was out of his blanket and off the sheet saver that we put him on.  Jason said if he just knew how to use him legs and arms, he would be crawling away.  I think it's kind of early for that and I don't want him to grow up to fast.  Here are some pictures of our little "Wiggle Worm".

Drew pushing off daddy in the hospital

His head started where he feet are now. 
I know he's tired of me taking pictures of him because after this picture he started crying.  :)  That's what mom's are for! I have told him time and time again to get use to it.  I love taking pictures.

I had to add this one.  After he was finished eating he fell back to sleep.  I passed him to Jason and this is how he was laying.  I don't know how the one arm up was comfortable but that is how he laid.  To cute!

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