Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Haircut!

This Monday we took Drew to get his first haircut.  It was time to say goodbye to the side curls.  For months now I have been wetting his baby brush to smooth the curls down for church and going out.  The curls were getting longer and sometimes looked out of control.  Here is the before pictures.

Front View

Back View

Side View
 We went to a cute kids place called Pigtails and Crew cuts.  They had a fun waiting room with a train table, kitchen, doll house, cars and tracks, and Wii for the older kids.  We waited in there for a little while and Drew enjoyed playing and watching the older kids.  His turn was up and he got to sit in a cute fire truck.  The lady started asking me questions like do you want a 5 or a 6.  Thank goodness Jason was with me because that is nothing I am use to saying when I go get my haircut.  We tried to tell her that we didn't think he would do good with a razor but she went ahead and did it.  Boy the tears start to come with the razor was turned on. 
Keeping an eye out for what is about to happen

This was his reaction


Making sure she's not going to turn that razor thing back on

This was the best I could get of him.  He was ready to get out.

After shot at home.  Pardon the cheerio on his neck.  Snacks tend to keep this kid happy.

After side view.

Drew did well they said for the most part.  Apparently they have been bitten, head butted, ect.  I think that's just crazy.  A few tears she said she could deal with.  I am sure with time it gets better right?  I mean Jason doesn't cry when he goes in for a haircut!  We just trimmed around the back and she trimmed a little length off the top (what was there).  The poor guy doesn't have much on top just yet so we left most of it alone.  He did get to get a fun little boat to play with in the bath tub when leaving. 

Stay tuned, up next is our weekend getaway to Galveston!

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