Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Memories

This summer was a lot of fun having a little one that was so active and kept us on our toes.  Here is a recap of our 2012 summer memories.

Right after school got out I started picking up the pace on planning for Drew's 1st birthday party.  I mean I knew the theme in December but needed to get all the odds and ends put together before the big day.  Meanwhile, I was also planning for VBS week the next week after Drew's party.  AGH, summer just got started and it was already going CRAZY.

We enjoyed Drew's birthday party with family and friends.  After that is was full VBS mode and one fun, tiring week.
Drew riding around the church at VBS
We of course took many trips to the grocery store which are now much more fun for both of us.  I can relax and focus on getting what we need and Drew enjoys riding in the car up front.  He laughs and giggles most of the ride and entertains all the other shoppers.  I also sometimes entertain them by running into things with such a huge cart!
 We also took a few trips to the local spray parks.  Drew and I met up with friends each time and it was fun to get to play with some of his friends.


Then July Fourth came and we celebrated over at my parents the weekend before and then had some friends over the night of for a cookout. 
 This was my happy boy pretty much all summer.
We made a few visits to the park when it wasn't scorching hot.  He now can climb up all the playground stairs on his own and loves to swing.
We took a weekend vacation to Galveston with my parents.  Drew enjoyed the beach and tasting the sand!
While we were on our way to Galveston, Jason found out he got a new job!  He is now the Assistant Tennis Coach at Flower Mound High School.  It was bitter sweet leaving Southlake but we will return in five years with Drew!  For now, it's great for us.  Drew and I have Jason home a lot more then before.
The city redid the street in front of our house so that was some great entertainment.  Drew enjoyed watching the big trucks go back and forth.
We went to dinner with some close friends and found out one of them is having TWINS!  I am so excited and can't wait to shop for these little cuties.  Can't you tell?!?
All of us!
I found a layout for our super small pantry for Jason to redo.  After he did an amazing job, Drew got a basket at the bottom with just his snacks.  The was the first day he found it on his own and emptied it out! 

We met up with Jason's family for lunch and celebrated every body's birthday's from the entire year.  It was fun and Drew enjoyed hanging out with his cousins!

We also made our own fun at home.  I am guessing this was fun to Drew, emptying out my wallet. 
He loved me pulling him around in the laundry basket...

and climbing on things!

Drew and I met up with his cousin Kenzie, my Aunt Cathy, and my mom at the Grapevine Sealife Aquarium.  Drew enjoyed the stingrays the most.


Drew picked up some dance moves!

We also got to go shopping with another sweet friend!

Drew enjoyed his first bounce house experience at his cousin's Kenzie's birthday!
One last thing, I passed my ESL test!  I am now ESL certified...shew!
We hope everybody had a great summer!  Now, we are over the heat and can't wait for the cooler weather and fall holidays.  Boy do we love holidays, family get togethers, and fun times with friends!

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