Tuesday, March 5, 2013

18 months

Drew is now 18 months and on the go!  He practically runs everywhere, walking is rare. 

What's New:  More and more words.  His vocabulary is expanding and some words are becoming more clear.  He says "thank you" if you give him something or do something for him.  He also says it when he gives you something...we are working on that.  :)  He knows when we say go "night night" to go to his bedroom and when we say let's go "bye bye" to head towards the car.  He has known the word "outside" for awhile now because the kids loves to go outside.  No matter the weather.  He is also eating more out of bowls and off of plates with a spoon or a fork.  He also likes to throw things.  This is awesome when it comes to sports but not in everyday activities.  Long car rides are more pleasant because he will now watch the DVD player.  Now to get him to wear headphones so we don't have to hear his movies :)  He can point to his nose, ears, mouth, eyes, belly button and head!

Interests:  He still loves puppies.  Every time we see one, he gets so excited and loves our lab, Sutton.  He is also into cars and trucks.  When riding in the car he like to say car, truck, ect. to each car passing.  Food is another love for him!  He's always saying "cracker" and goes and brings us some crackers for him to eat.  (We redid our pantry a few months ago and he has his own little basket of snacks, this is where he pulls all snacks from).  He's also currently loving apple sauce.  He's always liked it but this is served everyday and he might enjoy it now because he can use a spoon to eat it. 

Food:  He is a great eater and will definitely let you know if he doesn't want it by pushing it away.  He loves most fruits and vegetables and is getting to where he will eat chicken more often.  Meats in general have been a battle in the past. 

Sleep:  His bedtime is between 7:30 - 8:30 (if we are out doing something) and he usually sleeps 12 to 13 hours.  His naps are usually 2-3 hours long.

Sizes:  He's wearing 18 month clothes (some are still a little to big, depending on the designer).  He wears a size 4.5 shoe and size 4 diaper.

What I love:  I love how loving he is.  He loves to give hugs (to anybody) and if I ask for a kiss, he will give it to me!  I love the random kisses he gives to me too.  I love how when I sit on the floor with him, he comes and sits in my lap.  He will bring me a book to read to him too.  He likes to sit in any body's lap.  I love his bright smile and personality.  I was told 15 - 24 months are the hardest but I believe every month is something different and brings different challenges but I honestly have loved every stage.  Some days are challenging, as they are for everybody, but most days are fun no matter what we are doing!

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