Wednesday, May 21, 2014

3 months

Camden is three months old today and fitting right in.  He is a very laid back baby (for now) and pretty easy going.  In the past month he took his first long trip, had his first cold (not fun), visited church many times, and got to hang out with his Gigi and Auntie while mommy goes to work.  He's sleeping at least a five hour stretch at night if not longer.  He likes to wake up at 4:30 but after eating goes back to sleep.  He's starting to smile a lot more, coo's often, and loves watching his big brother be silly. 

First time in the bumbo

Big brother introducing him to superheroes in a book


Happy Boy!

Look how much I've changed

All smiles

First time to sit up in the boppy

I love my hands these days



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