Friday, July 4, 2014

July 3rd - It's a Tradition

Every July 3rd for a while now we have gone to my parents to celebrate July 4th.  I'm not sure when, how, ,or why we started doing July 3rd but it stuck and that's when we go.  It's just a known thing, that that's where we will be or where you can find us on the third. 

This year my mom asked Jason to cook a brisket for dinner that night.  Jason woke up EARLY to start cooking.  The rest of us waited until a normal time and got up!  We did a few things around the house and then headed that way after lunch.  After a few failed attempts for Drew to nap (I am sure he was to excited to see his Gigi and PopPop) we decorated cookies! 

Drew then rode on his tractor and we decided to run over and see Auntie and Jayce's new house.  Drew got to play in the sprinkler's there so, I am sure their house is on his fun list now!  After a quick visit we headed back to eat dinner.  After dinner, we went a bought fire works to shoot off later.  We were all hoping Drew was over his fear of fireworks.  We asked for some quiet ones to help.  We got home and started off with his and he was still timid.  The kid loves to talk about them and even watch them at the Ranger's game or on TV but in person it's different.  The one we purchased for him that was suppose to be "quiet" wasn't and then it was all over.  He was done.  I talked him into playing some family baseball and he loved that!  After trying a few more times to get him to watch the fireworks, we went in a took a bath to get ready for bed.  The rest of us watched fireworks and Drew stayed in side. 

My mom stayed with Drew while we finished the fireworks and this is how the night ended.  Sweet picture.  He loves his Gigi and PopPop. 

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