Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of Preschool x2

That's right, we sent both of our sweet boys to preschool today.  BOTH!  Camden wasn't sure what was about to happen (and you can tell this by the picture) but Drew on the other hand was super excited to see his friends that he has been talking about since we have mentioned getting ready to go back to school.  Since they have an awesome daddy, he went into work late, and took them to school.  Of course, he had to get the must have preschool pics at the house.  He then sent them to me at work and MADE.MY.DAY!

After arriving, I got a text that said drop off went perfect and that Camden was the only one in his class until another little girl comes in October.  YAY!  I loved hearing that!  Drew of course loved seeing his friends back at school.
Their amazing sitter sent me these pictures letting me know both boys were doing good and having a great day!




When I picked these cuties up, they had these same cute smiles on their faces.  Love how the love school and their teachers. 

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