Friday, November 21, 2014

9 months!

Camden is nine months old!  In three more months this sweet little boy will be one years old.  That is just a little crazy and this momma isn't ready for that.  He's growing up way to fast, seriously.  I have a feeling that this sweet boy is going to be the life of the party and very laid back.  He will always try to find the best in things and will admire his big brother is all that he does. 

This month has been eventful with is first Halloween, not feeling well these past two weeks, two weddings, a trip to Waco, and just life.  He has been a happy trooper through it all and always has his cute little smile on his face.

What's New: Babbling some sounds that are pretty close to words, opening and closing doors, loves to turn on and off lights with the light switch, pulling up on anything and everything, reaching to move from one thing to another, and attempting to drink out of his sippy cup.  This kid has no fear.  He let's go of one object and reaches of us but the problem is we aren't always ready but have so far caught him every time.  He is a little braver then his big brother was.  He is also starting to reach for others to hold him and wanting to wave every now and then too.


Interests:  Sutton for sure, his brother - always, he is getting to where once he sees me (mommy) then I can't go out of his sight.  He loves to be with me, which I really don't mind!  Toys that make music, reading books with brother, loves the big Lego blocks we have and has started to play chase, crawling away from others.

Food:  He doesn't like food that is green!  He just isn't a fan but we sneak it in.  He still loves apples and bananas the best and rice is a new favorite too.

Sleep:  He is doing much better.  We do wake him up around 11 or 12 at night and feed him and he goes until 5:30ish.  He then eats and goes back to sleep.  There have been a few nights that he wakes up in the middle of the night but not like it use to be.  THANK GOODNESS!

What I Love:  What don't I love...his smile, his happy attitude, how much he loves his big brother, his curiosity, the joy he brings to our family and how well he fits right on in like we have always had him...not just for the 9 months of his life!  He's definitely a keeper and we wouldn't trade him for the world.  He's our sweet little Camden Lee!

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