Monday, April 23, 2012

Roughin' It

This past weekend Jason, Drew, and I met my parents at Jason's new deer lease.  This was a weekend for my dad to just get away from work and relax. Jason and I got there Friday night and my parents came Saturday around lunch.  To me this is "Roughin' It".  The cabin is 14x12 with four bunk beds (the two at the top are questionable) and couch, refrigerator, oven and cooktop, sink, and about 12x18in. of counter space.  The bathroom is outside in another building but thank goodness there is one with a sink and shower.  Jason's last deer lease had none of the above and I felt like I was on "Little House and the Prarie".  I use to heat up water in a coffee pot, but the warm water in a bowl, and go sit on a the porch and wash my face.  Oh so glad those days are over with.  Anyways, here are a few pictures for our weekend.

 This is how we bathed Drew.  Jason is upset we took pictures of him in this (mainly because of the buckets color).  Drew had a blast and had no idea the color of his bucket. 

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