Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This year was Drew's first year to do an Easter egg hunt.  Our church holds a city wide hunt the Thursday before Easter.  We headed up there to enjoy the park, hot dogs, a great story about Jesus and what was suppose to be fun Easter egg hunting time.  A bunny rabbit showed up after the story time and scared Drew so he didn't get much hunting done but there is always next year!  He did get to run and play and hang out with some of his best friends!


This year we headed to San Antonio for Easter with Jason's family.  Jason's family brought there two labs and that was probably the best part of the weekend for Drew.  He first called them Sutton (our dog's name) but then soon learned that they were Molly and Belle.  He even let Molly out of her cage unexpectedly.  He kept talking to them and asking them if they wanted to go outside, bringing them food and snacks, and loving on them.  HE LOVES DOGS! 

Saturday afternoon Jason and his cousin Blake hid eggs for Drew to find.  We had practiced before the church hunt so he would knew what to do and this time he did great.  Everybody came outside and watched him find all his eggs.  He kept saying "where'd it go" and then go and find more!

Enjoying a cute cookie I had made for him...well I had one made for everybody but Drew's was special with his name on it!

Drew woke up Sunday morning to a surprise left from the Easter bunny.  He took the time to look at everything and enjoy them. 

After church and lunch we headed back.  It's hard not to stop in West to grab a yummy snack!  Drew got a huge sugar cookie.  He enjoyed the sprinkles and that's about it :)


We hope everybody had a great Easter!

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