Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bluebonnet's 2013

So, we have started a tradition of visiting my grandparent's in Ennis in April (Bluebonnet capital they say) and take some wonderful pictures.  This year they bloomed a little late and I don't think there were as much as last year but here is a few from this year. 

Last year we got a great family picture with the bluebonnet's and longhorn in the back ground.  This year they were up closer for people to see them.  The owner came out and offered some people to feed them.  Drew kept saying "cow".  He was in awe!

After taking some pictures we headed back to my grandparents for lunch and relaxing in their beautiful backyard.
My grandmother got a great picture of my dad, Drew, an my Pop.  If you look closely they all have their right hand pretty much in the same location.  :)

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