Friday, December 27, 2013

Big Boy Bed!

We knew we wanted to get Drew into a twin bed soon before we had many other adjustments coming in February (baby brother).  So, the plan was to switch him during Thanksgiving and start potty training (something he has been ready for but not us) at Christmas.  Well we switched Drew the Friday of Thanksgiving break that way we had a whole week off to adjust to him not wanting to sleep in his bed if that was the case.  Just something I feared.  HE DID GREAT!  He slept the whole night, actually woke up later then his normal, and had no problems transitioning.  Thank goodness!

The last two days at preschool (that same week - the Thursday and Friday) he told his teachers every time he needed to go to the bathroom.  I still wanted to wait but others kept saying he was ready.  He got sick that Saturday (my birthday) and we had to stay home from church.  I decided why not try and do the potty training since he did so good with his bed.  I am proud to say he is doing great and well on his way to being diaper free (knock on wood)! 

I am very thankful that these two BIG steps in his toddler life haven't been as bad as I thought. 

I do love how he wakes up in the morning and opens his door and comes running down the hall to wake us up if we aren't already.  If he can't get out of his room for some reason, he knocks!  Love this little boy!

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