Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas time

Our Christmas season began early with going to Ice at the Gaylord mid November but the true celebrations begins with a Christmas party with our close friends the first weekend of December.  It's always a fun time.  In order to get ready for this event and others that we hosted this year at our house, we had to do some prep work.  We went and picked out a tree, Drew helped daddy get it all ready to decorate.  We also had to go see Santa before the lines got long because of course Drew needed to tell him what he wanted...a skateboard aka scooter.  Drew gets those mixed up!

 Above is Drew helping with the tree set up and riding the carousal at Bass Pro after seeing Santa.  This was Drew's first time on a carousal and he loved it!

After the tree was set up, it was time to decorate!  Drew truly enjoyed helping decorate all 5 trees we have this year.  We saved the main tree for daddy to help with and Drew enjoyed every minute of it.  No ornaments were broken by him...just mommy :(
 After our Christmas party with friends (We didn't take any pictures) we had those terrible ice days which kept us in and couldn't do much.  We always celebrate Christmas in San Antonio the weekend before Christmas.  This year plans were changed and we offered to have it at our house the same Saturday we would've been in San Antonio.  We all met at Pappadeaux (this is a must for Christmas weekend with this side of the family and we happened to have a new one here in Grapevine).  After lunch everybody headed to our house to enjoy opening gifts and hanging out.  Drew loved helping, passing out gifts, and umm opening EVERY BODY'S gifts.  This was something Jason and I had thought would happen but not this extreme.  I think it bothered us more then anybody else but it made present time more hectic and I couldn't enjoy it.  I missed everybody opening the gifts we gave them and had to ask at the end if they got them.  Anyways, Drew had fun and loved seeing his family. 
 After a wonderful time with Jason's family we had to get ready for my family the next day!  They were all planning on coming over for dinner and presents.  Everybody showed up around 5 and we ate and just enjoyed each other's company.  We didnt' get together with this group for Thanksgiving because of the ice so it was nice to finally get together.  Some still couldn't make it and they were missed.  Drew loved his gifts and just being silly.
 We then had a day to recuperate and get ready for Christmas Eve the next day.  With Jason's brother and sister's families we rotate every year between the three of us as to who hosts.  This year it was at Jason's brother's house.  Drew loves these cousins and is still talking about how Jack and Morgan played with Drew.  We don't see them enough with our crazy life styles and he enjoys it every time.  We met late afternoon and enjoyed a yummy meal, time together, and of course gifts.  This time Jason and I were prepared for the madness that might happen with Drew.  I'd say he did a little better and I enjoyed it more.  He did good passing out gifts and ripping into his.  He loved everything he got and wanted to open it all right then.  Sadly we had to leave and head to Rockwall for Christmas Eve dinner with my family. 

We arrived in Rockwall just in time for dinner.  After dinner the kids soon begged to open gifts.  Drew enjoyed the gifts and playing with his cousins.  They all got John Deere tractors and they immediately took them out of their boxes and began playing.  Drew even showed his baby cousin Trenton all the cool lights and sounds his made. 
 Once we got home we put Drew down and then had to wake him up because we forgot to put out cookies for Santa.  We got him up soon after he went down and he sat at the cookies and milk.  He wasn't too happy at first but then started smiling and we were explaining to him what he was doing.  If you pay attention in the background is what Santa really likes...not those homemade cookies we didn't have time for :)
 Drew actually slept until 8:30.  Jason and I were up and ready at 7:30 because that is when Drew usually gets up and we didn't want him running into the living room without us.  He usually comes to where we are when we call him after opening his door but just to be sure we were ready.  We got all the cameras ready and walked him into the living room.  He was overwhelmed/shocked/excited...who knows but he had a big smile on his face.  He went right to his table and all the goodies sitting on the table.  He didn't even notice his skateboard aka scooter.  Once he saw that he had to take it for a ride around the house.  He took off like a champ and did just great!  He has been riding it around ever since.  We enjoyed our gifts to each other and Jason made breakfast.  We took our time getting ready and headed to my parents soon after with the scooter in tow.
 We got to my parents and had a late lunch and then opened presents.  Drew was struggling towards the end because he was exhausted.  Poor guy all this running around was getting to him.  He enjoyed everything he got and also enjoyed opening others gifts too.  We know it's just a phase but we want others to enjoy opening their gifts too and if they are okay with Drew opening that's one thing but we just didn't want them to think he was taking over.  He just loved unwrapping the paper.  He accidentally opened one of my gifts labeled to him and he loved it!  It was a piece for my Kitchen Aide mixer.  He had no idea but it looked cool to him.  Soon after presents he went to take a nap.  Then he woke up, he got to play with all his fun new toys and of course ride on his scooter.  Auntie Adalee wanted to test the scooter out too!

This is a wrap up of all of the Christmas's we have had so far.  We still have one more to go!  We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and got to enjoy your friends and family as much as we did. 

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