Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ch Ch Ch Changes

We have a few changes going on around here besides Camden coming soon! 

Before Christmas break Jason got a call about a head coach position that opened up in Argyle.  He thought it was going to be for next school year and didn't think to much about it at that moment.  He soon found out it was for now and he needed to jump on the opportunity if he wanted to apply.  He literally applied one day, told his Athletic Director at Flower Mound in case he got a call about Jason applying, and told his principal.  A day later he met with Argyle's Athletic Director and the interview went better then ever expected.  The next week he met with the Principal and Superintendent.  This was the week we were getting out for Christmas break so he anxiously waited over the break to hear something.  He got a call the week we all went back to school and they offered him the job!  He was filled with emotions excited, nervous to switch mid season, sad to leave the great group of kids he had, and more. 

He told his current students this past Friday and they were all excited for him, so tears, and he has received numerous text, calls, and emails of families of the students just thanking him, wishing him the best of luck, and saying they will miss him. 

Last night was the big night to see if the school board would approve him.  That's all we have been waiting for, was the final yes.  Well, he got it!  He went today and signed his contract.  So, it's official - he's the Argyle Eagle's Head Tennis Coach. 

We are so excited for him and can't wait to see where he takes his teams.  We know he will do great!  As Drew would say "YAY DADDY".  We can't wait to celebrate with him when he comes home.

This was totally God's timing and a God thing for sure.  He has blessed us with so many blessings and we are very thankful.

"The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy"  Psalm 126:3

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