Friday, October 31, 2014

8 months old

Camden is eight months old, constantly growing, and changing daily.  He is still the happiest and easy going baby around.  We just love how he can bring a smile to our faces...even in the middle of the night.

What's new:  CRAWLING!  He is crawling and crawling everywhere, which has caused a few tears too when running into the table or falling off the step from the game room to the living room (just once).  He blows raspberry's and sometimes on our legs or arms.  It's so cute and he's so happy when he's doing it.  He has started really not liking getting into his car seat to go somewhere.  He has two teeth!  He got one a week after he turned 7 months and then just got another one this week!

Interests:  Loves playing with Sutton, shaking our car keys, still loves to hold a cell phone, attempts to watch Frozen when big brother has it on TV, and loves looking out the window and watching big brother and Sutton play.

Food:  He is still drinking 7 oz of milk and eating lunch and dinner daily.  He has tried many foods and still loves apples.  I don't think he's a huge fan of kiwi or broccoli.

Sleep:  Argh, that's another story.  He is doing better but has been up the past two nights.  I'm thinking it's teething because he got a new tooth!

Sizes:  Still a size 3 diaper and wearing 6-9 months clothes.

What I love:  I love how he sees me after school and lights up with excitement.  I love his contagious smile and constant happiness.  I love how easy going he is and loved by so many people.  When I pick him up from school or church, I always hear how great of a little boy he is/was.  I love how he interacts with our dog, Sutton.  I love how he adores his brother and how they can just sit and play together.  I love how God chose us to raise these little boys and although every day isn't perfect, it's all good in the end!

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