Saturday, October 18, 2014

A weekend of fun!

Daddy was out of town and I took the boys to a open house at the fire station.  Drew saw a friend from school but was to shy to say HI!  He was still scared to get close to the fire trucks but was so excited to see all the trucks.  We enjoyed some hotdogs, popcorn, and Drew got to get cotton candy for the first time!  Camden loved being along for the ride and loved every minute of it.

After naps were over, we headed over to SeaLife Aquarium.  Drew has been asking to go to the aquarium for awhile and every time we get ready to go somewhere he tells us that we are going to the aquarium.  Not sure where that came from but he sure wanted to go.  I think he needs a season pass (great Christmas present idea) :)
I think this was Camden's third time to go in just seven months!

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