Wednesday, December 31, 2014

10 months

With all the craziness of the holidays Camden's 10 month post is a little behind.  Camden turned 10 months on the 21st of December.  Bless his heart he's had a little cough and runny nose.  I really think this kid was born with allergies.  He's still the happiest little thing around even though he hasn't felt himself 100%. 

What's new:  He has two more teeth!  He now has two on the top an two on the bottom.  He is walking along everything and trying at times to stand by himself.  He's a little daring and has no fear.  To say that, he has hit his head MANY times because he just goes and does anything and he sometimes has to pay to consequences.  Poor guy.  He can hold his bottle by himself but sometimes chooses not to.  He H.A.T.E.S his room.  If he thinks we are getting him ready for bed or nap he starts crying when we start walking towards his room.  I could just be putting something in his room and his lip starts to curl.  He also hates getting his diaper changed.  He usually screams the entire time.  We have at times, changed him in other rooms and he's as happy as can be.  It's crazy and silly at the same time.  He also carries anything and everything around in his mouth.  He will pick something up, put it in his mouth, and go!

Interests:  Loves to play with his big brother.  They have played for 45 minutes in the game room with no problems just doing whatever.  Drew even asks for him to come play with him.  It's so cute and AWESOME!  He wants to be outside anytime the door opens.  It's to cold, so unfortunately he has to look out the window instead of going outside.  He also needs to know where I am at, at all times.  He will break his neck to watch me go somewhere.  If I leave the room or pass him to somebody else he cries.  When I take him back, he immediately stops.  I love it but I know it needs to stop!  He loves playing with the big legos and brothers duplo legos.  He got a lot of sensory balls for Christmas and those are his favorite.  He smiles when he sees them around the house.  He's easily entertained but blocks and balls are his current favorite!

Food:  He drinks 7 oz of milk in the morning, after his two naps, and for dinner.  His favorite foods are still apples and bananas.  He hasn't been as picky of an eater as the last few months and has started eating what we eat for dinner with us!

Sleep:  Like a rockstar!  He takes two naps during the day and sleeps about 12 hours at night.  It's awesome and even though it took him a while to do this, I love it!  He on the other hand would rather stay up so he doesn't miss a thing.

What I love:  I love how well he plays with his brother.  They enjoy each other's company (for now) and for the most part get a long so well.  I love how he smiles at just about anything and brings joy to us all.  I love how easy going he is with our daily plans and schedule.  I love how when he feels bad, he's still happy.  I just love him being apart of our family and couldn't picture life without this little bundle of joy!





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