Sunday, December 28, 2014


This past month was so fun with so many memories made with our little boys.  With work, life, and all these activities, I failed to post as much as I should.  So, here it all is.

Every year we have a Christmas party with our close friends (currently a pj and pancakes because we have little kids and we can't party all night long like we use to).  So, we decorated for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving was over at our house.  Camden helped out and Drew got involved and loved decorating the trees!  Yes, we have 5 trees to decorate!

He also wanted to help us wrap presents and we let him.  Only let him do a few but he loved it and also loved putting all the name tags on ONE GIFT!  We had to keep a close eye on him and so did his Gigi because he did it to her gifts too.

Here is the best pictures I could get of all of our littles at the Christmas party.  Aren't they just the cutest in their pj's.  They did so good at the party and played so well.  Are they growing up?!?  I hope not to fast!
The first Wednesday in December, Drew had a Christmas choir program at church.  He still sings these songs all the time.  We have a Christmas CD of children's music and although Christmas is over he still wants it playing while he is trying to go to sleep at night.  The kid loves music and has a current fave - Christmas music!
The next Thursday, Drew was a shepherd in his school program.  He is on the far left looking at the picture.  He did so good and at one point he was singing to wall beside him. 

After the program we went to the Bethlehem Market.  They had little shops for each child to visit and create different things.  One was the photo shop and we got to get a few good pics of him and the whole family in the stable.

This year, I actually remembered we needed to bake cookies for Santa.  In the past it has been oreos that we already had or Toll House break apart chocolate chip cookies, which by the way Santa loves.  So, we baked and Drew did most of the work along with my awesome mixer. 

The weekend before Christmas, we always get with Jason's side of the family.  The past two years it has been at our house.  We all met up a Pappadeauxs for lunch and then headed to our house for fun, deserts, and presents.  We had a great time with everybody over.


The next day (Sunday) we had my mom's side of the family over.  They decorated cookies and ornaments.  We enjoyed each other's company, ate dinner, and opened presents.  It was a fun and relaxing time.


Christmas Eve it was our turn to go to Jason's sister's house.  We rotate amongst all the siblings.  Our house is next year!  We had a linner or whatever you want to call it!  We ate an early dinner and opened presents.  Drew loves playing with his cousins. 

After that we left and headed to my grandparent's house in Rockwall.  We got to be with most of my dad's side of the family.  Drew enjoyed playing with his cousins and Camden was worn out but loved exploring their house when he could. 

After leaving my Gram's and Pepaw's house we hurried home to set out our yummy cookies and milk for Santa.  Camden didn't quite understand and kept wanting to eat them.  I don't think Santa cared because he still ate them :)  We then put the boys to bed a little later then normal to rest up for the next day and hope that Santa would come to see them. 

Camden woke up around 8:30 and we had to wake Drew up.  He was scared at first, thinking Santa was still at our house.  I am guessing because we told him that Santa had come, he thought he was still there.  After reassuring him that he wasn't at our house, he decided to come see and boy was he excited to see his new stuff.
After enjoying the new toys, eating our family breakfast, opening stockings, and gifts we then headed to my parents for lunch and spend the rest of the day with them.  After eating lunch we opened presents, which seemed like it took FOREVER!  Camden napped and Drew played with his new jeep.  We ate dinner with them and then said our goodbyes.  Although Drew told me that I was leaving but he was going to stay with them.  HA HA!  Good try buddy.
We had a great December, full of many memories that we will always be able to cherish.  Camden had a great first Christmas and we are looking forward to many more. 
Here is our thank you card to our family that they should all be getting in the mail soon!

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