Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Discoveries

Drew has found his tongue. He sticks it out when he's happy or randomly just to do it. I've tried to get some good pictures when he does it but it's hard. He's so fast. Here are a few attempts.

He also can hold his head up with his arms. I came in to get him when he woke up this morning and he was doing it. I thought it was just a fluke. We went to do tummy time today and he kept doing it. I put a little pillow that came with the mat under him to help. He actually enjoyed it. He normally will lay on the pillow and close his eyes. Today he just kept lifting his head. He's growing up so fast.
This is his usual position
He figured out he could lift his feet too.

Stay tuned for Drew's next big discovery!  Who knows what's next?!?!

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