Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life lately

My great grandmother turned 101, my grandmother turned 77, my cousins little girl turned 2 all on the same day!  We celebrated their birthdays last Saturday.  Drew did great and just babbled away. 

Drew with the birthday girls!

Jason and I are back into the swing of things with school starting last week.  I will be working full time for one more week and then start working part time.  We all said goodbye to my sister who has stayed with us all summer and helped watch Drew while I did school trainings and started up school.

 Drew met his nanny Thursday and I think he has adjusted fairly well which was something I really worried about.  I think he is going through a growth spurt because he is starting to eat a little more.  He is also sleeping through the night! (knock on wood)  This weekend he has slept 9 to 10 hours both nights.  He has been consistantly going at least 5 hours for three weeks now and it's amazing how much better we all feel when we ALL get to sleep.  He has also been chewing on his hand.  I tried to get a picture the first time I noticed it and he pulled it out, stared at me, then stared crying.  It was like he knew what I was doing.  I sware he knows what a camera is and does because everytime I try to take a picture he turns his head.  I then move to where he is facing and he turns it again.  Little stinker!  I did finally get a few hand chewing shots. 

Jason and Adalee both noticed Drew grabbing his head when he eats or sleeps.  He just sits there and grabs it.  Its a little funny but of course cute!  I havent really tried to get a picture but this is one I had.  I think he was getting tired and I was trying to take a pic.

Drew has been smiling and babbling for quite some time but of course getting a picture of it is HARD.  Here are a few that we have. So cute!

Love this one!

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