Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 month check up

Drew's two month check up was yesterday.  He started off being his normal happy self until the nurse checked his temperature and he definitely didn't like that.  We calmed him down, read him a few books, and he was back to cooing and talking away.  The doctor came in and talked to us about his progression and measurements.

Weight: 13 lbs (75%)
Height: 22.8 in. (34%)
Head 15 in. (9%)

She did say that the % doesn't really matter as long as he is pregressing the same way he has been doing in the past and he is.  He's right on track and doing well.  After she left my stomach started to hurt because I knew that the SHOTS were coming next.  The first shot was in his mouth and he did so good taking that one.  The next three not so much.  The nurse asked Jason to hold his arms and she held down his legs.  After the first shot, the screams started coming.  One thing about Drew is when he is so mad his mouth is open but you can't hear anything so he wasn't as loud as others that we could hear from other rooms.  After she was done, Jason held him and he calmed down and fell asleep.  The drive home was great.  I was personally stressed about that because he was with me and Jason went back to work.  I hate when he cries in the car and I'm driving.  I laid him down and he woke up to eat and was back to his happy little self.  I even got my first good smile picture. 

Everythings good when he has his hand.


This is how he really feels about all my pictures

Took his hand out just for a picture. 

After an hour and a half he went back to sleep, like normal.  He woke up from that nap furious, in pain, and miserable.  We tried to soothe him like we always do but it wasn't working.  We decided to give him some pain medicine and just held him.  An hour later he was calm but I could tell he wasn't happy.  Jason laid him on the couch and patted his back and he was content.  We had also given him his acid reflux medicine so he needed to eat and it was time for him to eat.  So, we tried giving him his bottle while laying down and he did eat a little but not the normal amount he usually eats. 

After that I held him until he fell asleep.  We laid him down and he slept well, just like he has been.  I was afraid he would be awake most of the night in pain.  He slept so well that he completely turned around in the middle of the night and was facing the other directions when he woke up.  Not sure how he did it but he did. Today he is doing great and I hope the worst part is over.  He has been such a trooper but I'm sure like me, he's glad everything is over...for now.  

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