Thursday, June 20, 2013

Drew is 2

Drew turned two on Father's Day.  We had a jam packed day full of fun for both Drew and of course Jason so we had to start our day off early.  We woke Drew up (which I rarely do).  I felt bad because it was his birthday but I also knew that we had a awesome birthday present waiting for him and that he would be happy to see.  He wasn't cranky when he woke up, which would break this momma's heart if he was because after all it was his birthday so I wanted it to be the best day it could be for him.  We took him outside and....

He loved it and still does.  We have since then had to show him how to get in and get out because that was a bit of a challenge. 
We had to end the fun to come in and get ready for church.  Which he loves and every time we go to a big building he thinks it's a church!  He also enjoys all his friends that he gets to play with and his super sweet Sunday School teachers.  We stopped by a donut shop to get some donut holes for his class to celebrate.
After church we went the Whataburger to get him some chicken and fries, one of his favorites and daddy's too!  Drew then went down for an early nap because we had tickets to the Ranger game with my family.  Sadly I didn't get any pictures from this game but we did all make it on the Jumbo tron!  Drew loves the Rangers and go to see the horse (Captain their mascot) up close.  He always asks for him when we go.  We also met up with some friends at the end and it was good to see them too.
After the game we headed to Spaghetti Warehouse where we all celebrated Drew's birthday.  Drew LOVES spaghetti so this was a no brainer as to where to take him.  He loved it!  It's been forever since I have been to Spaghetti Warehouse and I have to say, it didn't disappoint...just ask my mom :)
We took Drew home and let him play a little while longer on his trampoline.  I'd say after all he had a great day.  I am thankful for a sweet husband who let us do more celebrating for Drew then himself.  He told me that Drew is the reason he is a father and he is ok with celebrating him too.  I think they shared the best Father's Day/Birthday they could have.  I am sure there will be more to come!

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