Sunday, June 23, 2013

Party time!

We celebrated Drew's birthday with all his friends and family this past Saturday.  We had it at a local church that had a fun area for the little kids to play and even a game area for the older kids and adults.  The set up was great and room for everybody. 

This candle came from New York.  When Jason and I visited I saw this and safely packed it away until his birthday!  Might have to order one for him every year. 

Brady and Drew trying out the cool red chair.

Kenzie, Brady, Caleb, and Hudson

Lily, Aubrey, Hudson and Brady

Sweet Graci

Playing air hockey with Caleb

Singing Happy Birthday To Drew!
Opening presents in the cool red chair!

 It was so good to see everybody that could make it out.  I know Drew had a blast running around and getting a lot of fun new toys to play with.  Thank you to everybody who came and made our sweet little boy's two year old birthday party a hit!

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