Monday, November 18, 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Drew got to help shop for his 2nd year to do Operation Christmas Child.  This is something I did as a kid and love that he gets to do it too.  Every time we went shopping, I told him this was for his friend in Africa.  I'm not sure where they go but Africa sounded good.  He loves friends, everybody is his friend, so this helped out.  Of course, one thing his friend got, he needed too! 

So, off we went shopping with a list in mind of what we did last year and things we thought our 2-4 year old friend would like.  It was fun and daddy got to join in on the shopping this year too!

We then came home and put the box together.

I traced Drew's hand (it was a permanent marker so I was a little careful not to get it on him) on the inside of the lid.  His hands look a little chubby but his friend won't care.  We filled the box to the max and then Drew wanted a picture.  We tried many times and he kept shaking it.  We also pray for our friend at night.  We sure hope he loves all his goodies he will be getting soon for Christmas!

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