Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Getaway

This weekend, we did a getaway as one of our last ones as a family of three.  We took Drew to the Great Wolf Lodge.  He has been asking to go swimming randomly and I was excited when the day had come that we could take him and not just to a pool but a whole indoor water park.  I didn't know what to expect from the resort, what all he could do, and how he would react to all of it.  He has gone through a phase and he will tell you he's scared.  I think Saturday night was a bit overwhelming, it was new and there were ALOT of kids there.  The place was a little much for all of us but we kept playing and having fun.  We arrived and we straight to the pool an played until dinner time.  Drew loved the yellow slide, mini green slide, and jet ski's.  We couldn't get him to do much of anything else. 

After swimming we went and changed clothes to grab something to eat.  We ate at a restaurant inside the Great Wolf Lodge.  Drew got to watch the airplanes come and go from their big windows while we waited for our food. 

The next morning we headed back out to the pool.  The pool had less people and was more of what we all had pictured.  Drew had warmed up to the idea of what was around him and took off like he owned the place.  He even tried the blue twisty slide that he was scared of the night before.  We actually couldn't get him off and he started just going up the stairs and doing it himself without daddy walking him up there.  He didn't know how to wait in line and we tried telling him to wait.  He would get to the top and tell the lifeguard where he was going and take off. 

We dried off around lunchtime and went inside to grab some pizza and head home for a good long nap.  We took some pictures around the place since the crowds weren't as bad.  Drew kept asking to see the "wolf" because that's all he could remember from the name of the hotel when I told him where we were going.  We did some characters and he gave them a high five but didn't want a picture with them. 

Overall we had a great time!  We plan to make another visit at some point but it will be awhile and baby brother will need to be old enough to join in on the fun!

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