Friday, February 17, 2012

8 months

 Drew is officially 8 months old and growing so fast.  He is a mover.  I have to say that these past few weeks have been a lot of fun and exploring.  I think he's pulled up on everything in the house and when he does he just laughs and hits his hand on the flat surface smiling. 

What's New - He started riding in shopping carts last month but this month we have made more shopping trips and get out more frequently.  This makes getting out a lot easier and Drew enjoys sitting and looking around.  He's a people watcher :).  He is really good at pulling up and grabbing things.  He enjoys being able to stand with support on his own.  He's also a talker.  He says mamamama and babababa and then other random sounds.  He loves to make a happy scream for you to look over at him and then he just smiles.  He is also taking baths sitting and playing in the water which he loves.  He was recently sick and putting him in the bathtub was one of the only times I would see him smile and play when he felt so bad.  I love watching him just playing by himself and being so content and happy. 

Interests - He's still exploring everything!  He loves the bathtub and making the water splash.  He loves crawling around the house.  He has found leaves and thinks they are fun.  I have to say he has tasted a few which did not turn out to well.  You would think after three attempts he would learn.  Maybe one day.  He loves tags on anything.  He will go to a stuffed animal and find it's tag to try to chew on.  We have noticed his interest in dogs.  He loves Sadie and Sutton but any stuffed animal or picture he loves too.  He was given a touch and feel book for Valentine's Day from my sweet co-worker and he loves it.  I bought him another one of just dogs and of course it's another favorite.  He still loves remotes and has changed the channels a few times and put the TV on settings that I have no idea how he got there.

Food - He has added squash and kiwi to his list of foods.  I also made him apples and pears combined and he liked them as well.  He has little snacks that he eats during snack time.  Yes, we sit together on the floor and we both have a snack together in the afternoon!  He loves them and gets upset when I put the lid on them and put them up.  He likes feeding himself, always has. 

Sleep - Sleep is still good!  He did go back to three naps a day when he was sick and he needed the rest.  He usually takes one nap in the morning and then one in the late afternoon.  He wakes up between 7:30 - 8:30 but usually around 7:30.  He wakes up happy and pulls up on his crib waiting looking at the door for us to come in.  I love walking in and seeing his big smile.

Sizes - He is wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.  He still can fit into some 3-6 month tops. 

What I Love - I love how this past month he's been exploring and enjoying the new adventures.  I love how he lays his head down on my shoulder, so sweet.  I think he's going to like to cuddle.  I love how content he is going to other people.  This was a fear I had, that he would only want Jason or I.  I know he will possibly go through a time when that does happen but at the moment he's still content going to anybody.  I love how he holds his arms out when I go to pick him up.  I love how he waits at the end of his crib, standing up, when he wakes up, smiling, waiting on us to come get him.  I love how happy he is most of the time.  I love how when you are holding him and he gets happy, he moves his legs up and down.  I love how he's my sweet little boy, even though he's growing so fast, I'm trying to take each day in and make memories that last.


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