Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Playdate

We have a few friends over for our monthly play date that we are starting this year. I had signed up for February and made it a small Valentine's party too. Everybody had the option of bringing a Valentine to share with their friends. We had 9 kids show up and boy was our house crowded. There were kids everywhere. Some of the kids are a little older then Drew and I worried that they wouldn't have enough toys and things to do to entertain them. I think they had fun because everything is different from what they have at home.

This is Drew excited that his friends are coming over to play!  I didn't get many pictures once everybody showed up.  I wanted to get a group picture but totally forgot once everybody showed up.

This is Drew and Calvin (they are 13 days apart) playing.  Calvin was the first one to arrive so I did get one picture!  Drew got some cute Valentine gifts from his friends (which he has no clue what they are)!  Drew gave away bubbles with a little note that says "You Blow Me Away".  It's kind of hard to come up with gifts for little ones. 

Happy Early Valentines!

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