Sunday, February 19, 2012

State Champs!

*I had typed this out a long time ago, just never added the pictures. 

Well if you haven't heard already, Southlake Carroll won state! This was my first Varsity game to go to since Jason started coaching. Last year I was sick (pregnant) the whole time and this year Drew's shedule wouldn't allow me to go to a game. His last nap falls during game time. We asked my sister to watch Drew so I could go. I am so glad that they won. They said the attendance was a little over 42,000. That's close to the number of fans at the World Series game Jason and I went to last year. Most of the fans were Dragon fans too. This town LOVES football. I know it's big anywhere in Texas but you have no idea how BIG it is here in Southlake. Jason has put a lot of hours into this program (along with all the other coaches) and it's a great pay off in the end! He was so excited. They all go a medal, and yes it's hanging from our fireplace over the stockings. We tried putting it on the tree but it was to heavy. After not having a husband since August but for one night a week, this is a great ending! Congratulatoins to all the Dragons for your hard work! Here are some pictures from the game.

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