Saturday, November 19, 2011

5 months!

Happy 5 months!

 Drew is five months old (a few days late) and changing.  He is definitely showing his personality more and more each day.  I think he's going to be on of those kids that always says "I can do it mom" when really he needs help.  I think he's going to be very independent. 

Interest: - The dogs, Sadie and Sutton.  He loves anything he can get into his mouth.  I will sit him in his bumbo and anything in reach he grabs for and goes straight to his mouth with it.  He loves to bounce.  Even if he's not in his jumperoo or Johnny jump ups, he's bouncing.  We hold him and he just bounces. 

Food: - We started him on rice cereal at 4.5 months and waited until 5 months to try bananas.  His first reaction was funny but then he enjoyed them.  He has been eating half a banana ever since.  Next up is sweet potatoes.  We are trying to make the baby food ourselves and so for it hasn't been to bad but of course it's just a banana and you mash it up!  Here are some pictures of the banana experience.
Here he is wanting to hold the spoon.  I can just here him saying "I'll do it"

Finally got the spoon and holds on tightly

Almost done and covered in it
Sleep:  Still doing good.  We did have two weeks where he was up a lot more at night.  He just kept waking up but was easily put back to sleep.  I thought he was teething but it could have been a growth spurt, teeth just moving, or Drew being Drew.

Sizes:  He is now wearing 3-6 months in everything.  I just bought him some pants and they are already getting a little tight.  He's

What I love:  I love his BIG smiles and all of his new silly noises.  He makes a pig noise by sucking in his bottom lip.  He also makes another noise and I don't know what he's doing.  He's a boy and the noises are already happening.  I love his laugh, it makes me laugh.  I love laying down with him and all he does is smile.  I love how he looks at the dogs and lights up like a kid at Christmas.  I love when I pick him up from the sitter's house that he talks (babbles) to me all the way home.  It's like he's telling me about his day.  I love how he opens his mouth and gives me a big slobber kiss.  He is figuring things out and I wish I knew what he was thinking.  I can see the interest in his eyes but just want to know whats going on in his little brain. 

He's a joy to be around and I am so ready for the holidays.  I can't wait to be with family and enjoy this time with Drew.

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