Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

I originally hadn't planned on getting Drew a costume because Jason had a football game on Halloween and we were going to just go to that.  I had purchased him a shirt that said "My First Halloween" for him to wear.  I decided last minute to have some friends over and have the kids dress up.  So, I went out Saturday looking for a costume for Drew.  I came across one for $.86.  Couldn't beat that, so Drew was a Monkey.  We were able to get some good pictures of him.

 Jason was holding up Sadie (our yorkie) like a toy to get Drew to smile.  I so happen to be holding Drew and couldn't stop laughing. 
 This is a picture of Drew and Caleb.  For some reason Drew wasn't happy during this photo and Caleb really wanted to sit in the bumbo!  His mom did finally get a smile out of him once he did manage to sit in the bumbo.  Too cute!  After this picture, I took Drew's costume off and he was back to his happy self. 

Happy Halloween!

*Since I didn't plan so well this year with the costume, I already have an idea for next year and it's going to be so cute.  If it all works out and I can find it again online! 

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