Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Round One

 We just got back from our first round of Thanksgivings and Drew's first overnight stay in a hotel.  I have to say he did great!  I was worried about how he would do in the car and I don't know why.  He knew we were headed somewhere fun because I told him all day long and I know he wanted to be good for us.  We didn't get to the lake until 9pm because Jason had a football game and scouted a game that day.  I was worried Drew wouldn't last long because it was his bed time.  Again, I was wrong.  He greeted everybody with smiles and bounced with happiness while all of them rotated holding him.  He kept making everybody so tired with his bouncing that they had to switch.  He also showed them his twisting move.  When you are holding him, he twists so he can see what's going on everywhere else in the room.  They all enjoyed watching his moves.  We left the condo and headed to our hotel room.  After checking in, I got a few pics. 
Drew on the bed
Drew and Jason playing

We laid him down to go to bed and he just decided to talk.  It was well past his bed time and he didn't care.  I guess he was telling us about his night.  Jason went to take a shower and I looked over and he had rolled over and was playing with his pacifier.  Crazy boy.

 Again, I was worried about how he would sleep overnight in his pack n play.  We had set it up this past week in our house for him to take naps in and get use to it.  Well it worked.  He did great.  He made a few noises so we would get up and check on him but he did great!  The next morning, we woke up and got ready to head back over to the condo for breakfast.  Of course I wanted to grab a few photos.  This is a picture of us off of our balcony with the lake in the background.  It's crazy how much it has changed since the fires they had this summer.  We are very thankful that Jason's families condo wasn't touched.  The fire came inches away from their condo but no damage. 

I wanted a picture of Drew in front of the hotel because it was his first place to stay!  He was happy.

 We were able to grab a few shots of all the cousins together. 
 We also got a picture of Great Grandma Jo with all of her great grandchildren. 
We had a great time with Jason's family this weekend and can't wait to all be back together at Christmas in San Antonio.  That will be another adventure for Drew and I am again going to be a little nervous about the ride.  We are already planning a stop on the way back home for my sanity and to look at all the beautiful Christmas lights in Marble Falls.  I have always wanted to stop and take pictures but we never have.  This year we are going to and stay over night.  I can't wait!  Thank you Bill and Phoebe for hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. LOVE the pic of drew in front of the hotel. The bumbo infront makes him look big and the hotel small. Glad he did well for you in the car and hotel.