Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Smiles :)

Drew is in love with our dogs.  Mainly Sadie.  When he sees her, he lights up with big smiles and even starts talking to her.  Sadie could be sleeping on the couch and if he sees her, he smiles. It's so funny.  The other night, he saw her, and made a loud screech that we have never heard before.  He likes Sutton too, but Sutton isn't around as much and he's BIG.   We finally got some good pictures or tried at least of Drew with the dogs. Sutton likes Drew so, he was easier to get pictures of.  Sadie on the other hand gets annoyed with Drew.  Not sure why, maybe because she isn't the center of attention.   

Drew scratches the back of his head and he was doing that to Sutton's head.  Too cute!

Big Smile

watching Sadie

 I had to add these pictures.  During the world series, Drew looking over at Jason and it looked like he was batting.  So, Jason took some pictures.  Jason said when he was little and the Rangers were batting, he would act like he was batting too.  Drew is continuing the tradition I guess.  I'm thinking a lot of little boys do this.  We were at the game sometime last year and a little boy was doing it at his seat.  That might be Drew one day!  Go Rangers! (in 2012)

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  1. cuteness! Drew looks so squishy in those pics with his chubby little arms. I call them frists (like cankles)....where Calvin doesn't have a just goes from hand right into forearm.