Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cate's Chistmas Breakfast

Every year we have a Christmas party.  This year with Jason's crazy football schedule we could only do a breakfast. We also only invited our closest friends because we didn't want to extend out to a lot of people and then cancel on them at the last minute.  We were going to do a party tonight and Jason would have been gone.  So are sweet, flexible friends were able to come this morning.  We made it a "Pajama Encouraged" breakfast and THANK YOU for the ones that participated in the relaxed fun!  We had donuts, pancakes, fruit, and a few small snacks. Here are few pictures of the fun.  Mostly of the little boys that attended because let's face it, all the attention was mostly on them!

Drew and Caleb talking

Drew and Amanda

Not sure why Drew wanted to put Brady's shirt in his mouth
He is at the point where everything goes in his mouth though

A little better
Poor Brady was tired

Brady and Shelby
I wish we would have taken more pictures.  I'm sorry for all the friends we left out.  Thank you all for coming and we can't wait until next year.  Hmm, who's going to steal what gifts....Lindsey!

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