Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Jason and I usually stay the night with my parents on Christmas Eve and wake up at their house on Christmas Day. My dad fixes breakfast and then we open presents. We have always said that when we have a kid that we wanted Christmas morning at our house. So, this year we started a new tradition. After seeing what Santa brought, Jason fixed breakfast. After breakfast we opened our presents.

Jason had painted Drew's hand and put it on the present that he gave me.  Too sweet!  Of course I saved it!  Drew gave me a wallet to carry all my stuff in his diaper bag. 

 Drew preferred the candy that was in Jason's stocking.  No, he didn't eat it but loved the sound the bag makes.

After Drew had his morning nap, we packed up everything we needed and headed to Forney to spend the rest of the day with my parents and grandmother.  My dad has fixed lunch (his famous breakfast).  We ate soon after we got there but of course everybody had to play and talk to Drew first.  That kid is spoiled.  We then opened presents again. 

 I think Drew was worn out from all the excitement.  He wanted to just lay around at times.  Never acted tired, just mellow.  He was into everybody opening their presents and watching.  He loved the tissue paper which I had to quickly take away from him each time. 
 He enjoyed all the outfits he got.  Every one of them went straight to his mouth.  I guess that's better then just throwing them to the side.  He got some cute things.  This one of of our favorites. 
 Auntie Adalee was pretty excited about her presents too.  At one point she asked me to find one with her name on it because she didn't see anymore! 
 Gigi got a Grandmother Willow Tree angel, which she collects, from Drew.
 Drew got a toy that he can sit and play with now and then when he starts walking can walk with it.  He loves all the sounds it makes.  It actually has decent songs that it plays.  We are kind of getting tired of all the current toys songs he has. 
 Jason and I gave my grandmother a Sports Illustrated Magazine of the Mavericks after they won.  After she opened this, we lost her.  She was engrossed in it the rest of the time.  I joked that she left to go home and finish reading her magazine.  She was so excited.  She even wanted to bring it the next day to another family gathering and brag that she got it.  One of my aunts families are HUGE Maverick fans as well.  Drew got to open the last gift and the biggest.  Remember earlier when I said this kid is spoiled.  He helped unwrap it a little.

 He was looking over at my grandmother, laughing.  He was just happy.  He had no clue what he just got.  Jason quickly put it together and we strapped him and took him for a ride.  He can't wait for friends to come over and go for a walk.  This wagon even has a two drink holders.  Who would have thought. 
 My dad took him down to see their labs in the fence.  The labs were going crazy and Drew just sat there watching them.  He was so cute with both hands on each side holding on.  I am thinking he is going to need a wagon at their house too!  I'm sure that will be next.

 After dinner and Drew taking a long nap, we put together Drew's toy from Auntie Adalee.  He loved it.  He played with it for a little bit and then got ready for bed.  Drew was great all day long.  I always worry how he's going to be getting off his schedule. 


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  1. love the wagon! what a great gift. Something that Drew will love as well as his mom and dad (strollers are so annoying in my opinion!). Glad you guys had a good first Christmas. I agree with you about Christmas day. Starting next year Christmas morning will be at our house.